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Worship at South with Dr Ibi Daramola
3rd Sunday of Easter

Worship led by Dr Ibidun Damarola
First Sunday of Advent at South Church

Worship on 09 September 2018
True Security

Worship on 12th August
Dunnottar Service led by Ian Wilson. 'Be kind to one another and have faith'

Worship on 16th December 2018
Worship led by Kids Praise with Nativity

Worship on 16th September
Service led by Mr Ian Wilson Suffering Servant or Messiah?

Worship on 18th November at South Church
Joy and Praise. How can I keep from singing?

Worship on 19th August
Service led by Mrs Hazel Paterson- 'Harold' with brilliant hymns!

Worship on 25th November
Centenary of the end of WW1.

Worship on 26th
This week's news

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