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Worship on Christ the King Sunday
Service led by Mrs Ros Marshall; Organist Dr Albert Bil

Worship at South
Service led by local preacher,Hazel Paterson and praise led by organist David Sell

Worship on first Sunday in November
Service held in the South, led by Dr Ibi Daramola with praise led by David Sell

Communion service on 27th October
Service led by David Galbraith, Communion celebrated by Rev. Dr Alan Murray. Organist Dr Albert Bil.

Worship on 20th October
Service led by Ian Wilson. Choirmaster and organist, David Sell

Worship on 13th October held in Dunnottar Church
Service led by Dr Ibi Daramola with organist Dr Albert Bil

Carronside Worship on 6th October
Service at South Church led by Dr Ibi Daramola. Accompanist David Sell

Worship on 5th Sunday at St Bridget's
Service led by Mr Ian Wilson. Accompanist was Mrs Ray MacMillan

Worship on 15th September at Carronside South
Worship led by Donald McRae with organist, Dr Albert Bil

Worship at Dunnottar 8th September
Worship led by Dr Ibi Daramola 'Healing broken relationships'

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