Carronside Worship on 6th October

On Sunday worship at Carronside was led by Dr. Ibidun Daramola who warmly welcomed all to our morning service which commenced with Thomas Chisholm's rousing hymn of thanksgiving "Great Is Thy Faithfulness, O God My Father".  In her enthusiastic talk with the children Ibi asked them "When Mummy says we are going to have pizza what happens?"  The children agreed that yes Mummy would keep her promise since she loved them both so much and knew they like her would love pizza. Ibi then asked the children "What would happen if they wanted Daddy's car keys?" and the children agreed they wouldn't be allowed the car keys because Daddy loved them and knew it was not good for them to play with grown up things. Ibi told the children that this was what faith was - knowing you are loved and knowing people look after you. This was also a lesson for the whole congregation - faith is knowing God loves us and looks after us. Ibi then showed the children some mustard seeds, telling them how Jesus said that "faith" begins as something tiny but the consequence become great.


The congregation were then shown a film about "Blythswood Care Shoe Box Appeal" and Mrs Sim provided details of how to contribute to this. Prayers of thanksgiving and intercession were led by Ian Wilson and Elaine Craig read lessons from the Book of Psalms and the Gospel of Luke. The message from Luke takes up the theme of the childrens' address - how Jesus disciples asked him to increase their faith - and how Jesus' answer was how even the tiniest mustard seed of faith could achieve a great miracle. 


In her message to the congregation Ibi informed us that the most essential message she could give us on "faith" was the message delivered to the children of simple trust in our Heavenly Father. However, focusing on the reading from Luke's gospel the message earlier in Chapter 17 delivered that very poignant lesson for us all in our membership of the new church of Carronside. "Faith" has been the central point of our existence as individuals and as individual congregations and we know in our hearts that trust in God is the pinpoint of all we believe in … faith thus includes trust in His promises and obedience to His will which for all of us at Carronside means the need to continue to forgive one another for the hurts we cause each other, even if that means seven times each day; Christ's love is all-forgiving so we His disciples must continue to be all-forgiving to those brothers and sisters who continue to hurt and humiliate us daily.


Worship concluded with Owen's famous hymn "Will your anchor hold in the storms of life" - a hymn of assurance that faith in Jesus is "the Rock which cannot move, being grounded deep in Love".


Next Sunday 13th September 1030 Morning Worship Dr Ibidun Daramola


Thursday 10th September 1000-1130 Friendship Coffee - St Bridget's Hall

                                           1400-1600 Craft Group South Conservatory

                                            1930-2130 Badminton St Bridget's Hall

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