Carronside Church Worship at South on 21st July 2019

On the Sixth Sunday after Pentecost worship at Stonehaven Carronside was led by our gifted local preacher Mrs Hazel Paterson. Hazel warmly welcomed all to worship, encouraging us to prayerfully reflect and search for God's guidance. The service commenced with the congregational hymn "Immortal invisible God only wise" which focused our thoughts as we contemplated the mystery and wonder of Almighty God while at the same time being intensely aware of His abiding presence with us in all we do.


Our scripture readings from Genesis 18 and Luke 10 were read by Louisa Greenwell and Carol Balsillie led our prayers of thanksgiving and intercession. Our understanding of the readings for the day were greatly enhanced as Hazel explained their context and significance in her sermon. Both readings speak of giving hospitality. In Genesis hospitality was giving to three strangers by Abraham with the provision of water for washing and food to eat. In Luke's gospel hospitality was given to our Lord by Martha who exhausted herself in providing a feast for Jesus.

However, in both cases the greatest blessings which these stories celebrate was not hospitality but rather the blessing of listening to the Word of God.


Although Sarah had quickly baked cakes and Abraham had chosen a calf which his servant made ready for the guests it was nevertheless the fact that Abraham stood by the guests and listened for the Word of the Lord from their lips... it was that which provided the blessing. The message from the strangers was that Sarah would give birth to a son, a son of the promise which would make Abraham and Sarah parents of many nations. Abraham was blessed by listening for and trusting in God's message to him. Similarly although Martha had made herself busy providing nourishment or Jesus, nevertheless it was Mary who received His blessing. She was blessed by sitting at the feet of her Lord listening intently to His words and thus making those words the guiding principle of her life.


Hazel told us how important it was to take time to spend in God's presence in prayer being open to the voice of Jesus as we seek guidance and direction for our lives and for the life of Christ's Church. Worship was concluded with Conder's famous hymn "The Lord is King, lift up thy voice" with those powerful words emphasising the message of Hazel's sermon "who then shall dare resist His will, distrust His care or murmur at His wise decrees or doubt His royal promises."


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