Worship at South on 4th November

‘To love God and serve the world, to serve God and love the world’ are sentiments which  were carried through each hymn, prayer and reflection on Sunday in a church bedecked with stunningly crafted arrangements of poppies which  provided the perfect setting for the congregation to reflect on individual service. The handmade wooden cross, the hangings fashioned by the craft group and the banner from Dunnottar were much admired and enhanced the spirit of love and service. Each separate element of worship combined to provide an integrated unity which was greater than the sum of its parts.

 Ibi Daramola, our locum minister and Ros Marshall, one of our newly commissioned local preachers led the service, while the musical talent of guest organist David Sell ably supported the praise. The choir’s rendition of ‘Teach me thy way O Lord’ was a splendid introduction to worship. Ibi had a ready supply of willing young volunteers when it came to speaking about rules they must follow. Indeed, they were very clear that being kind to others and keeping God in our hearts were most important.

Our readings from Deuteronomy ch6 and Mark chapter 12 provided so much information about the laws in the time of Moses as well as how Jesus responded to questioning by the Pharisees and the Sadducees. Ros provided additional information about how rules in Old Testament times were passed on by parents to their children in the oral tradition. The message, then, as now, was that there is a real difference doing something because we want to rather than feeling obligated. Truly loving God translates into love for our neighbour and society. With Faith and Prayer, we draw closer to God allowing us to tune in to the needs of others.

At the last count, the South Church coffee morning had raised the princely sum of £920. Well done to all those who organised and contributed to a super morning.

8th November Thursday coffee at St Bridget’s hall from 10-11.30am. 2-4pm Craft Group meet in South Conservatory and hall. Everyone will be most welcome. South Church session meets in the Conservatory at 7.30pm. A busy day indeed!

10th November: 9 Lessons and Carols rehearsal for one week only will be at the earlier time of 4.30pm. All rehearsals thereafter will be at 5pm.

11th November: The service of Remembrance will be held in St James. The congregation is asked to be seated by 10.30am to allow for the arrival of the parade.

17th November: Dunnottar Guild Coffee Morning will be in St Bridget’s from 10-12 noon. Tickets are £3 adult and under 12s £1. There will be a variety of stalls too!

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