Worship led by Dr Ibidun Damarola

The season of Advent and the Coming of our Lord were the focus of worship at Stonehaven South Church on Sunday. As the congregation reflected on the miracle of this Holy Season the Choir under the direction of Mr David Sell gave a beautiful rendition of Charles Wesley's hymn 'Come Thou long-expected Jesus'. Dr. Ibidum Daramola who was leading worship invited all to share in praising God. In her address to the children Dr Daramola's enthusiasm was indeed matched by Kid's Praise's own exuberance and their willingness to share with the congregation their knowledge of the meaning of the season and their joy in worship. Dr Daramola told how December can be such a dark month and how the tradition of having an Advent wreath with five candles would light up the dark days ahead and remind us of the Light of Christ coming into the world at Christmas. Martha from Kid's Praise then lit the first of the Advent candles and the congregation shared in the Joy of that symbolic act with hearty applause.


Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession were led by Ian Wilson and Mrs Hazel Paterson read from the scriptures, words from the Book of Psalms and from the Gospel of St. Luke. In her address to the congregation Dr Daramola explained how at this time there is a threefold way in which the contemplate 'The Coming of the Lord'. Firstly, at Christmas-time we reflect on the miracle of the Incarnation 2,000 years ago - the birth of baby Jesus who grew to become a man living amongst us - a man who was to die for the sins of the world and rise again and ascend into glory at the right hand of His Father. Secondly, we reflect on how Christ will come again to be amongst His people in His glorious Kingdom - we His people need to be alert preparing for that day - the day when we are with our Lord in the company of the holy angels. Thirdly, the Lord Jesus comes to each one of us continually as He is born in our hearts each new day. Our duty and our joy is to know Him better, to be in communion with Him through spending time reading the Holy Word of  the Gospel and being diligent in our prayer lives. Dr Daramola announced that in the New Year she would set up groups so members of the congregation could read the Bible together finding mutual sustenance and fellowship one with another. Worship was concluded with the congregation singing ' God sent His son, they called Him Jesus'


Next Sunday 9th December 1030 Morning Worship at Dunnottar Church - Dr Ibidum Daramola and Granite City Brass Ensemble


                                             1600 at St Bridget's Stonehaven Choral 'Nine Lessons and Carols'


Thursday 6th December Fellowship Coffee St Bridget's 1000-1130


Friday 7th December Lunch Club 1230 St Bridget's - £5.00 per person


Sunday 16th December 1030 Stonehaven South Church - Mrs Eddie and Kid's Praise will lead worship with Nativity Service.

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