Worship on 13th October held in Dunnottar Church

On Sunday at Carronside Church the gathered congregation were again blessed with the ministry of Dr Ibidun Daramola who warmly welcomed all to worship. As our hearts and minds turned in thankfulness to Almighty God for His great love and mercy our voices echoed those joyful sentiments  in the uplifting hymn of adoration "O Worship the King all Glorious Above". While speaking with the children Ibi obtained the information that "Thank you" was the magic word we all say when we are given something as a present. She then told us about a man at the time of Jesus who showed his gratitude by returning to Him to say "Thank you". Although Jesus had healed a community of ten people of their leprosy only one of that community had returned to say "Thank you". Only one of the group had been truly thankful for what God had done in his life.


The prayers of thanksgiving were led by Mrs Elaine Craig and Mrs Eileen Sim read lessons from the Book of Psalms and the Gospel of Luke. In preparation for the Ministry of the Word the congregation with one united voice sang "Give thanks with a grateful heart   …… give thanks because He's given Jesus Christ His Son". 


 In her sermon Ibi emphasised how the scripture lesson had spoken of God's blessing of healing and the human responses of faith and gratitude. The reading from Luke's gospel spoke of ten people being healed of leprosy by Jesus but only one man had returned to Jesus expressing his gratitude to Almighty God for that healing which had so transformed his life. Under the Jewish rites of this period the whole community of lepers who had approached Jesus would have been considered "outside the community of the blessed" - they were outsiders who would not under any circumstances have expected a Rabbi to go anywhere here them but their faith and the grace of God led them to Jesus who cured them. One of those ten, however, had been doubly an outsider, not only was he considered "unclean" on account of the leprosy he was also considered "unclean" being not part of the Jesus faith  - he was a Samaritan. It was this man who returned to Jesus to give thanks to God. His gratitude has indicated the true depth of his faith - a faith that brings joy and thanksgiving into one's heart. Ibi then reminded us how often we expect to receive blessings from God as of our right, as part of our Christian Community but the truth is that everything we have in life including life itself is not a right but gifts from Almighty God who gives generously from His abundance . Thanksgiving to God and the sheer depth of our gratitude to Him for His abundant mercies is intimately connected with the depth of our faith in the saving grace of Jesus our Lord.


Worship was concluded in singing Martin Reinhart famous hymn "Now thank we all our God"  - a hymn of thanksgiving for those blessings from our infancy "our mother's arms" to those countless gifts of love which we continue to enjoy daily.


Next Sunday 20th October 1030 Morning Worship South Church


Thursday 17th October 1000-1130 Friendship Coffee St Bridget's Hall

                                       1400-1600 Craft Group Church Conservatory

                                        1930-2130 Badminton St Bridget's Hall


Saturday 2nd November 1000-1200 Carronside Parish Church Christmas Fayre and Coffee Morning Tickets £3.00 adults  £1.00 children


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