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Now that the union of Stonehaven Dunnottar with Stonehaven South has become a fact, we have decided to carry on producing an occasional “Communiqué” while we remain in Vacancy. It is now some 16 months since Rosslyn demitted and left Stonehaven, but rather than immediately looking for a new minister, the Kirk Session thought we should decide whether to unite the two congregations first. We decided to do that and following various prescribed steps, we finally got a formal Presbytery decision at the beginning of June and we united to form Stonehaven Carronside on 20th June. Although there is still work required to fully integrate the various committees and groups of the two former congregations, we now have a clear road forward to start the hunt for a new minister. 

The first step was for the Kirk Session to meet with some representatives of Presbytery, who explained some of the details of the vacancy procedure. We are now entering a busy stage as we finalise the Parish Profile, decide what sort of a minister we want, prepare the Electoral Roll and elect a Nominating Committee. 

A busy time, because we hope to complete all these steps within the next month or two. 

The Parish Profile is meant to be an honest self-appraisal of our parish including a description of what we are and what we want to be – a small group has been preparing the draft ready for the agreement of the Kirk Session. 

There are two aspects to what sort of minister we want, there is what we want them to lead us in doing – bearing in mind that a minister’s job is only meant to be about 40 hours a week, so we also need to know what we can do ourselves. The second aspect is that the Kirk Session needs to decide if they would be happy for us to have a minister in a same-sex relationship. There are very few such ministers in the Church of Scotland, so this decision is important in that it tells others about our outlook in contemporary society. 

The Electoral Roll is a list of the members and adherents of Stonehaven Carronside who are eligible to vote for the Nominating Committee, serve on the Nominating Committee, and eventually vote on any potential candidates to be minister of our parish. 

The Nominating Committee, which we hope to elect on 27th October is a group of people who will meet confidentially while looking for and eventually nominating ministers that might come to lead us. 

These are all important steps in progressing our vacancy, and consequently your support, prayers and encouragement over the next few weeks are welcomed. 

Yours in Christ 

David Galbraith, Interim Moderator


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