Communiqué No 3

Union of Stonehaven Dunnottar and Stonehaven South Parishes, Churches of Scotland.

Following the two congregational meetings held in March, both of which voted strongly in favour of the two parishes uniting, Presbytery agreed the union to be known as Stonehaven Carronside Church of Scotland at their meeting at the beginning of May and it will come into effect on the 20th June, when Presbytery will hold a Service of Union in St Bridget’s Hall at 7pm, all welcome.

Emotions will inevitably be mixed about the union, it is natural for us all to cherish our traditions and that includes the ways in which we worship, and the buildings we worship in; we worry that these will change, however, now we are united as a single congregation, we can look forward with greater strength into an uncertain world, and all members are invited to the Service of Union to celebrate that greater strength.

The long-term future of the Church of Scotland, is the subject of much discussion, although with all the uncertainties in the rest of our lives, you could be excused for missing that fact. The sad reality is that our number of ministers and our number of members are steadily declining, and along with the reduction of the members is a reduction in income which affects everything we do, from providing ministers to supporting Crossreach – the Church of Scotland Social Care organisation.

We are in this position, like many other organisations ranging from sports clubs to leisure societies, because we have failed to keep up with the times, and consequently we are not fulfilling the needs of the “younger” members of our community – in this case “younger” means anyone less than 40 and possibly anyone less than 50 years old. So we need to take courage in Christ – we are part of His Church and as such we have to reach out to those who need Christ in their lives.

It will mean that we need to change – to modernise ourselves, to try to catch up – it will be a challenge, but we will be doing because of the Good News – the Good News of Jesus Christ, and the Good News that there are now more of us together to share the burden of our work for the Church.

If you have any questions, please contact me, either of the Session Clerks or any elder.

Yours in Christ

David Galbraith, Interim Moderator

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