Potential Union of Stonehaven Dunnottar and Stonehaven South Parishes, Churches of Scotland.

Communiqué No 2 – February 2019

To all members of the congregations of Stonehaven Dunnottar and Stonehaven South,

After a few months of discussion and debate, you Kirk Sessions have made an important step forward in moving towards the two parishes uniting to become one. Overleaf, you will find a letter from your Session Clerks describing what has been achieved and what comes next, and I urge you all to read what they have written carefully, and to come along to the forthcoming congregational meetings for the next steps in our journey.

You may be aware that I have often remarked that, due to the close friendships and working practices across the two parishes, it can be difficult to see the join; this should mean that moving from a linkage (two parishes sharing a minister) to a union (two parishes becoming a single parish) should be relatively straightforward, as much of the preliminary work has already been done.

Although there will inevitably be sadness as the uniqueness of the two congregations become merged, the kirk sessions and I believe that a future as one will allow us to do more in the community, and perhaps reduce some of the confusion that occurs through having two separate identities.

As soon as Presbytery confirms the union and grants us permission to call a new minister, the hunt for the right person will begin in earnest, although preliminary work is already underway. Trying to attract a minister to a new union will be easier than trying to attract one to a long-term linkage, so please support your elders and the others involved in the preparing the Parish Profile, in the nominating committee when it is formed, and in all the other vacancy work required.

There is still much to do and many opportunities to become involved, as we forge ourselves into a single entity with a new identity making the most of all our strengths and assets – and, you never know, we might even run a competition for a badge to represent our hopes for ministry and mission together.

Yours in Christ

David Galbraith, Interim Moderator

Stonehaven Dunnottar linked with Stonehaven South




The Kirk Sessions of Dunnottar and South Churches met on Thursday 14th February 2019 to review the proposed Basis of Union document. These meetings were led by the Interim Moderator, David Galbraith. This document is the one on which all members of each congregation will vote and it includes the worship venues, which will remain as mentioned in Communique 1, the name of the united charge and the Scottish Charities Number.

Both Kirk Sessions agreed to the wording of the Basis of Union document and therefore we will unite! This is a historic moment in the lives of Dunnottar and South Churches and both Sessions are to be congratulated for the positive engagement in this process.

The name chosen for the new charge which will be registered with the Scottish Charities Regulator is:

Stonehaven: Carronside Church of Scotland

We’re looking into the Charity Number situation. Is it easier to use one of the existing numbers or create a new one for the new charge? Whatever happens, we will have one and that will go into the document.

Members of both congregations will be given the opportunity to vote on this document.  The annual accounts meetings have been arranged for 17th March in South and 24th March in Dunnottar so it would be good to have the votes for each congregation on these dates. That’s the plan meantime. If the votes are for the Union, then Presbytery will firstly have to agree with the vote and then arrange a Service of Union. We think that the May meeting of Presbytery will be the one to decide on these – there isn’t a meeting in April since Easter happens then. June could be the month for the Service of Union but let’s wait and see.

We try to keep these communiques in “normal” language and avoid “Presbytery/Church” speak.

Let’s all pray for a successful future as one people of God.


Gordon Edgar Session Clerk, South

Brian Sim        Session Clerk, Dunnottar



For further information, please contact any elder of Dunnottar or South or:

Brian Sim        01569 762038

Gordon Edgar  01569 766169

David Galbraith           01561 320779


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