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17th September 2017 at the South 

In the Call To Worship at Stonehaven South Church on Sunday Reverend Rosslyn Duncan reminded the congregation of God's unfailing mercy and compassion, the central theme of Morning Worship.  We reflected on our human failings as we sang Whittier's famous prayerful hymn 'Dear Lord and Father of mankind forgive our foolish ways', and as Rosslyn led us in Prayers of Confession giving reassurance to the congregation of  forgiveness from Almighty God.

In her address to the children she showed them a beautiful multi-coloured blouse, which immediately reminded the children of the Old Testament story of Joseph and his coat of many colours. The children gave an excellent account of the story, of how Joseph had got the coat because her was his dad's favourite boy and how all his brothers were so jealous that they sold Joseph to slave traders and told their dad that a wild animal had eaten him. Rosslyn reminded us that the central point of the story was that the brothers later came to Egypt to get help from Joseph who was then Pharaoh's chief minister and Joseph forgave all their past nastiness to him.
The gospel reading from St Matthew told the parable of the Unforgiving Servant. Rosslyn reminded us of how Peter might have expected to be congratulated by Jesus on his generosity of spirit in indicating that he would forgive up to seven times. The Rabbinic Law had stipulated that one should forgive one's brother up to three times. However. Jesus reply 'No Peter, not seven times but 70 times 7 times gave Peter the message and gives us today the message that if in our relationships with others we are counting up their scores of wrongdoing against us we are not truly forgiving them in our hearts and thus can we ever really experience the abundant forgiveness of God, the depth and breadth of those love can never be measured.
Worship was concluded with the congregation singing 'Amazing Grace', a song proclaiming that saving love of God for us all.
Next Sunday 24th September 1030 at Dunnottar Harvest Praise with Granite City Brass Ensemble  Reverend Rosslyn Duncan
                                                 1430 Short Service at St Bridget's followed by Afternoon Tea   Reverend Rosslyn Duncan
Sunday 1st October 1030 at Stonehaven South Church Harvest Thanksgiving Service  Reverend Rosslyn Duncan


The assurance of the presence of Almighty God was deeply felt and greatly enhanced by the gathered congregation at South Church as the Choir gave a beautiful rendition of Wakeman and Prior's song 'Isn't it great that He's here'.

The theme of worship was the abundance of God's love and compassion for His creation and His people. Reflecting on the reading from the book of Isaiah, Reverend Rosslyn Duncan spoke of how the prophets proclaimed how God's love brought His people to freedom. Although there were indeed times when their lives portrayed their thankfulness, devotion and obedience to Him and their care for those in need, there were indeed times and time again when they turned their backs on God's goodness and became self centred. God's love , however, continued to reach out to them, always available, giving and forgiving.
The gospel reading told of the Feeding of the Multitude ....a familiar story which Rosslyn reminded us is mentioned in all four gospels. She asked us to ponder for a moment on the people who were there at the time of Jesus in the Holy Land; would we have been like those who were awe struck and hung on every word of the Saviour, would we have been among those thinking about food for our bodies, or would we have been like the disciples who wanted to send everyone away to get food and rest for themselves. If we are like the disciples seeing the problem of people's hunger, both physical and spiritual,  can we face Christ's challenge to give of ourselves (our loaves and fishes) believing that He can make our gifts into such a multitude of blessings enough for all and with baskets to spare. Worship was concluded with the congregation singing 'Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah'.
Next Sunday 13th August 1030 Morning Worship Dunnottar Church All Welcome
Thursday 10th August Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget's
Saturday 19th August 1000-1200 Coffee Morning and Summer Sale Adults £3.00; Children £1.00 All Welcome

South linked with Dunnottar

30 Apr. 17 at St Bridget's

The fifth Sunday service at St Bridget’s welcomed back Ray MacMillan as organist and Rosslyn led our service which served as a reflective pilgrimage. It was no surprise therefore that our readings came from John chapter 24 which describes the journey by Ceophas and the others from Jerusalem to Emmaus. We learn of the clarity which the disciples gained from the explanations of God’s word given to them by the stranger who walked with them.

The congregation were each given a pilgrim’s shell on paper and thinking of our own individual journey of faith, we were encouraged to consider three separate points, evidence if you like, of our unique pilgrimage: What has challenged us on our journey to faith?  What has encouraged us on this journey? Who has helped us on our journey?

A com-pan-ion is literally someone with whom we share bread with and we were given bread to break and share with one another as companions in Christ. A good deal of laughter followed as some paid more attention to the instructions than others but the enjoyment of companionship was savoured. Jesus is there not only in the past, not only in the present but also in the future.

We do not need the physical presence of God to know that He is our constant companion.

Will you be our companion this month? There are many activities awaiting your participation.

Thursday 4th May: St Bridget’s will be CLOSED due to local elections. Craft group will still meet from 2-4 in South Conservatory.

Friday 5th May:  Lunch Club in St Bridget’s at 12.30p.m. £5 Come and join the fun.

This Saturday, 6th May, at 7pm, there’s concert by Granite City Brass at Dunnottar Church in aid of India Village Ministries and Christian Aid. Tickets at only £5 are available from Ros Marshall, Hazel Paterson or at the door on the night.

Next Saturday 13th May, the Kilwhang Ringers Coffee Morning will be held in St Bridget’s from 10am until noon. Cost £3




On the Fifth Sunday in Lent worship at South Church was conducted by Mrs. Elaine Craig of Dunnotar-South Joint Worship Committee. Elaine warmly welcomed all to the service and worship was commenced with the uplifting hymn 'The Spirit lives to set us free ....walk, walk in the light.' Addressing the congregation she posed two questions 'What gets us up in the morning?' and 'What makes us want to dive down under the covers?' 
The happiness of seeing sunshine or anticipating a good day ahead energises and motivates us while perhaps a task like expecting unwillingly to be dragged round the shops cause reluctance to face the day. However, the message of God's loving presence being continually with us in good times and in bad gives us an uplifting reassurance and a real sense of joy.
The scripture reading from the gospel of John told of the Raising of Lazarus from the Dead. Reflecting on this we considered in our thoughts the feelings of Martha and Mary on the loss of their brother. Did having the belief that Jesus could have done something cause the sisters to be angry that Jesus hadn't immediately rushed to Bethany? Elaine pointed out that the most significant thing to ponder over in the story was what our Lord did, not only the performing of the miracle but also of Jesus' emotional response. 'Jesus wept.' These two words encapsulate not only the depth of human love and empathy Jesus had for Lazarus and his sisters but also show the depth of the divine love which was yet to be revealed in the forthcoming events of Jesus own Crucifixion and Resurrection
Elaine explained how John's account of Jesus' deeds was a reflection and an interpretation 100 years later and that the contrast between asleep and awake, life and death, light and darkness are contrasts between John's post-resurrection experience of being with Christ (alive awake and in the light) and being without the living resurrected Saviour (dead, asleep and in darkness). Christ's invitation to us to wakefulness, life and light is an invitation to all. The invitation to take that life and to go out to tell was proclaimed enthusiastically as worship drew to a close with the singing of the hymn 'Go forth and tell, O Church of God awake! God's saving news to all the nations take.'
Next Sunday 9th April 10.30 (Palm Sunday) Worship at Dunnottar with Baptism
Wednesday 12th April 19.00 at St Bridget's
Thursday 13th April 19.00 at St Bridget's
Friday 14th April 19.00 at St Bridget's 
Sunday 16th April Easter Day
          08.00 Worship at Stonehaven Harbour
          10.30 Morning Worship at South Church

Stonehaven Dunnottar linked with South: Sunday 12th March at Dunnottar

Reverend Rosslyn Duncan warmly welcomed all to the second Sunday in Lent service.

We heard readings from the book of Genesis 12 and from the gospel according to John 3.  At seventy five years of age Abram ( later to become Abraham) was called to travel with his wife to an unfamiliar country.  He was a man of faith and trusted God .  When ninety nine years of age he was told by God that one day he would be the Father of many generations.  His wife, Sarah was elderly yet conceived and gave birth to Isaac.  God’s promise to them was fulfilled.  We also heard of Nicodemus, a man who believed in God but kept his heart and mind open.  He visited Jesus to learn more deeply of Jesus’ powers.  He came to Jesus in darkness and left having new light within him, just as Abram had.  We too can come to Christ and reinforce our relationship with him.  We must trust God as individuals and as congregations in Stonehaven.  Working together in cooperation we can step forward together in faith.  God asks us to do this and God will work in us and through us.  Trust in Him.

day 16 March:                Fellowship coffee 10 – 11.30am  at St Bridget’s

                                                Craft Group 2 – 4pm in South Conservatory

March Sunday services:          19 at South led by Steve Coles (Minister at Laurencekirk)

                                                26 at Dunnottar led by Worship Team ( Minister on leave)

March Care home services:    Clashfarquhar 19th

                                                Edenholme: none

                                                Mowat Court: 22nd

March magazines: April Spotlight: copy due Thursday 16 March

Thank you to all who supported the Guild Coffee morning at St Bridget’s.  The wonderful sum of £425 was raised.

Thursday 16 March: “The Moving Stories of Mothers of Malawi” Invercarron Resource Centre from 7pm

Saturday March 18 10 – 12 Dunnottar Spring Sale and Coffee Morning St Bridget’s Hall. Adults entry £3.00 Children £1.00

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Stonehaven South linked with Dunnottar : 05 March 2017

A great welcome was extended to one and all on the first Sunday in Lent; a day beginning with quiet reflection, when our guest organist, David Sell, put the choir through their paces with the introit ‘Just as I am’, a well-loved hymn to the tune ‘Saffron Walden’. Intriguingly the themes and prayers for this month’s World Day of Prayer had been written by women in the Philippines which Rosslyn quickly tasked the children to find the Philippines on the globe. Sam was straight in there and had them pinpointed in the blink of an eye. The children were quick to identify the issues in the scripture story, when the farmer who had too much work to get through by himself resorted at different points throughout the day to hire new labourers, yet paid all of them exactly the same! Each one had made his contract with the farmer, as each of us has established our unique relationship with God. Now, whether we come new to God or have been acquainted with him for years, His love holds good for each of us regardless. Amazing love!

This Sunday was also chosen especially for the dedication of a new wall hanging in the church which illustrates many of the stories from the Old Testament and is itself a testament to the great skill and artistic interpretation of the many involved in the Craft Group. Today’s reading from Genesis 2 and 3 recounted Adam and Eve eating the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden, which could be seen clearly at the centre of the hanging. Amazing talent!

From the reading from Matthew 4, Rosslyn spoke of the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness and His use of both prayer and scripture to contend with the wiles of Satan. The message to us is clear. We are not alone in the face of temptation – The Bible is there to read. God is always beside us. He hears and responds to our prayers. Amazing grace!

Kirk Session meetings this month: South 09 March; Dunnottar 15 March; All Sessions 21st March at Fetteresso 7pm.

12th March service at Dunnottar.

8th March Whist 2-4pm at St Bridget’s

9th March Fellowship coffee 10-11.30 at St Bridget’s: Craft group 2-4 South Conservatory.




·         Morning worship last Sunday at Dunnottar Church was led by local man Robert Bell, a Church of Scotland Reader who has led worship at Dunnottar Church on a previous occasion in the absence of the minister. He began his all-age talk to the children by asking if any of them had been to the theatre. He then showed them posters of plays and musicals and asked what they were..all were identified correctly. He then said that he preferred to “read the book” than go to the theatre but his family persuaded him to go with them to see the shows. He said that the early church grew in numbers because people were encouraged by Jesus as he walked along by the seashore to come and see for themselves what his message was all about. In his sermon to the adults, he continued the theme of Come and see. He spoke about what it was about Jesus that still attracted him with his scientific and technological background in his working life in the oil and gas industry. He said that Christianity explained the big issues of life and made sense of the world we live in. Jesus is the most influential person that ever lived. The local church is fundamental to our faith. We have to join the community of the church to worship alongside other Christians. Jesus attracts people on an individual basis but as Christians we do not lose our personality, we become more alive and hopeful and have always to believe that the best is still to come.


·         Fairtrade fortnight runs from Monday 27th February to Sunday 12 March inclusive. This is a time when there is a particular focus on thinking about buying fairly traded goods. Last Sunday at Dunnottar Church there was a range of Fairtrade goods available for purchase before and after the service and the goods will be available again this coming Sunday at the South Church.


·         This Saturday, 4th March the Guild is holding a coffee morning in St Bridget’s from 10-11.30am.There will be a variety of stalls-cake and candy, match the number, books and a flower trail. Tickets for coffee and home bakes are £3 for adults and £1 for children. Do go along and support the Guild in their fundraising for the annual guild project and enjoy coffee and home baking at the same time. There are a variety of projects which the Guild supports over a 3 year period and during 2016/17, they have chosen a Christian Aid initiative – Caring for Mother Earth in Bolivia. Bolivia is one of the poorest and most unequal countries in South America. Millions of people live in difficult conditions, struggling to survive. Through Christian Aid partners, the project will work with over 700 families to educate them about climate change and support them to build and use solar powered ovens enabling families to eat all year round.


Sunday 19th February at the South
At Stonehaven South Church Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship which commenced with a powerful rendition by our talented Choir of Graham Kendrick's beautiful hymn 'Come and See, come and see the King of Love'. Rosslyn was given assistance in her address to the children on 'Unfairness, Sin and Putting things right' as John and Elaine(already in possession of a collection of five sweets) increased that number by taking more sweets from Hazel. Rosslyn told the children that it wouldn't be enough just for people to be sorry when they did wrong but they should also seek God's guidance in how to make amends. John and Elaine thus returned the sweets they had taken from Hazel making Hazel feel happy again.
The scripture readings were from Leviticus and the gospel of Matthew. Rosslyn spoke of the Mosaic Law ... how it put a limit on the recompense a victim could expect and how in essence the Law provided stability for the Covenant people of God. The gospel of Matthew, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount, incorporates the message not to seek revenge but to go that extra mile in forgiveness and to take Jesus' message of love beyond the Christian community even to those who would actively seek to do us harm.
Worship was concluded with the congregation singing a song of God's Kingdom, a kingdom of which in reality we are heirs through the redemptive love of Jesus.
Next Sunday 26th February 1030 Dunnottar Church worship led by Mr Robert Bell
Sunday 5th March 1030 South Church Reverend Rosslyn Duncan
                Wall Hanging - made and donated by South Church Craft Group - will be dedicated.
Saturday 4th March Guild Coffee Morning St Bridget's

Stoneahven Dunnottar Church linked with South Church: 22nd January 2017

Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to Sundays service - the third Sunday after Epiphany.  The children were reminded of how Jesus chose twelve men to be his disciples.  She reminded us that we are all called, from where we are in life, to follow God.

In the reading from the gospel according to Matthew 4:23 we heard of how the fishermen were called to follow God for themselves but also to watch, listen and learn, enabling them to carry out the Ministry of Jesus Christ – teaching, preaching the good news and curing the sick.  Healing and restoring to wholeness minds, bodies and souls.

Rosslyn encouraged us to consider our own community.  We should strive to work together caring, educating and proclaiming the good news of the Gospel in Christ’s name and Christ’s power and in Christ’s glory.  We need to work collectively throughout the whole community.  We were encouraged to talk, listen, communicate with respect and love, never forgetting that we are united in His Love.

 We all as Christians are bound together in “One Faith, One Baptism and One Lord”.


Future Sunday services:

January 29 at St Bridget’s led by the worship team (Minister at Mearns Coastal)

February 5 Communion at South at 10.30am and Communion at St Bridget’s at 2.30pm

Magazine news: Thursday 16 February – copy due for March 2017 Dunnottar Spotlight

                                Sunday 19 February – copy due for Spring 2017 Southscene

January 25: Mowat Court 2pm short act of worship.

Week of prayer for Christian Unity: 18 – 25 January 2017

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Minister – or on 01569 762166 or 07899878427




South linked with Dunnottar

15th January

It was great to have a healthier Rosslyn return to the pulpit this week where a very warm welcome was also extended to our nimble fingered returning guest organist Gordon Cooper.

Rosslyn’s stimulating all-age address encouraged the young people in the congregation to identify and consider the many words we use for God – Father, Emmanuel, Abba to name a few. Cleverly this was developed by stating that though we have many names for God, every one of us could say that we share the same name; that of Christian. We develop as followers of Christ by learning about Jesus and following his example in how we lead our lives. The hymn ‘Bind us together, Lord’ reinforced this message and the theme continued through the service with the thought-provoking message that while humanity delights in creating disparate groups say for example Protestant, Catholic, Baptist, Fetteresso, Dunnottar, South, we are all people of Faith, bearing the name ‘Christian’. We can and should encourage others to participate in shared worship by showing our togetherness rather than differences. Restaurants and hotels can have their reputation raised or broken by word of mouth and the same applies to the Church. Our Faith is what really matters and we can delight in sharing it with others.

Fairly busy time ahead with all Stonehaven Church of Scotland sessions meeting together on Saturday 21st January at St Bridget’s at 10am.

January 22nd Service at Dunnottar.

January 29th Service at St Bridget’s led by the Worship group.

February 5th Communion at South at 10.30 and at 2.30 at St Bridget’s.


Stonehaven South/Dunnottar : 20 Nov. 16

On the last Sunday of the liturgical year, the South linked with Dunnottar celebrated ‘Christ the King Sunday’. Our service was led by our gifted lay preacher Mr Ian Wilson with the praise accompanied enthusiastically by our guest organist Dr Albert Bil. Rev. Duncan is on leave until Friday of this week.

The children, both the young and the more mature, were invited to reflect on what they would do were they King or Queen for a day. Answers were varied, covering the more pragmatic and ecologically sound removal of every piece of litter in the country and the heartfelt ban on queuing from an incipient ‘shopaphobic’. Ian thus reminded us how much greater is the power of Christ the King who knows and cares for every one of us. From Jeremiah 23 vv1-6 we learned the important benefits of having a just and wise King, who can be honoured and celebrated not just on one day but every single day. Let us not forget Christ’s message to care for the poor, the weak, the refugees. When this celebration day was initiated 91 years ago, the world was becoming increasingly secular just as today and is a timely reminder of the eternal truth that Christ is a just and wise King whose Word and Power we must uphold in all our thoughts and deeds.

Next Sunday (27th) is the first in Advent and the service will be led by the Guild at Dunnottar.

The Giving Tree 2016 will be launched next week when we may provide a new, unwrapped gift for a child aged 12 years or under. Gift bags will be available next week.

Thursday 24th November 10-11.30am: Friendship Coffee at St Bridget’s. 2-4pm: Craft Group in the South Conservatory.

Friday 2nd December: 12.30 Lunch Club at St Bridget’s. £5 to include soup and a sweet!

Saturday 3rd December next rehearsal for the ‘9 Lessons and Carols’ which will be held in St Bridget’s at 4pm on Sunday 4th December. Do come along and join in and we will really start to feel that Christmas is approaching.


Stonehaven South linked with Dunnottar   Sunday 6th November 2016

On Sunday the Rev Rosslyn Duncan welcomed everyone to church on a cold but bright morning.  Our praise was led by our visiting organist – Paul McKay.  Rosslyn was pleased to announce that in excess of £900 had been raised at the Coffee Morning and Sale held in the Hall the previous day.  It was also noted that 120 shoeboxes had been filled and sent off to the Blytheswood Trust onward on their journey to Eastern Europe in time for Christmas. 

Following our opening praise Rosslyn spoke to the children.  She had a small parcel with her and asked if anyone knew what had been wrapped up.  After some poking, prodding and suggestions,  unwrapping paper and several layers of bubble wrap it was revealed that the gift was a bell.  When Jesus was on earth he spoke to adults but He loved having children around telling them stories.  We attend church and Sunday by Sunday we learn a bit more about Jesus and His love for us.

The only way to learn is by asking questions  and the one we all know which children constantly say is ‘why?’.  Jesus spoke to people and they asked questions.  Some of the people listening, the Sadducees,  thought they knew better and tried to trick Jesus in the questions they asked.  God is eternal and we are part of God’s Kingdom.  Make the most of this life on earth but there is much more to come at the orshiptime of the resurrection.

 Thursday10.00- 11.30am Friendship Coffee in St Bridgets.  On the same day the Craft Group in the South Church Conservatory  from 2.00-4.00pm.  Worship will be held in St James’ next Sunday at 10.45am for the Remembrance Service when the congregation are asked to be seated by 10.30am before the arrival of the Parade and the Lord Lieutenant.


Sunday 16th Ocotber at Stonehaven South
On Sunday Reverend Rosslyn Duncan warmly welcomed all to South Church. Worship began with Ms Wells (our visiting organist) and the Choir leading us in the traditional hymn 'Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King of Creation'. The scripture readings were taken from Jeremiah and the gospel of Luke. The prophet Jeremiah revealed how God would give the nation of Israel a 'New Covenant', a covenant written into the hearts of God's people. It is this certainty of understanding God's will in the depths of our being, that motivates us as individuals and as a Church to live the Christian life - a life in tune with the will of God. Pondering on this thought Rosslyn led us in prayers of intercession in which we remembered the work of CrossReach and the variety of care undertaken by people in the name of the Church and of our Lord.
When preaching on the parable of 'The Widow and the Judge' Rosslyn warned us against seeing prayer as an activity in which we pester God until we get what we want. The essential feature in the lives of the two individuals whom Jesus spoke of in the parable is that from the point of view of their status in society they were poles apart. The judge had authority, education, wealth and power everything to put him up on that pinnacle; the widow had nothing, no status, no resources and not even anyone to speak on her behalf. Yet fruitful communication DID in fact take place which resulted in a change for the good. So too with the followers of Jesus - God is the Creator of all, we are His creatures as such we could not be further apart, yet fruitful communication takes place in the act of prayer - an act which results in change in ourselves.  In the words of Clara Scott as I silently wait for God in prayer He will 'open my eyes, illumine me'
Next Sunday 23rd October 2016 Reverend Rosslyn Duncan The Sacrament of Holy Communion will be celebrated
1030 at Dunnottar Church
1430 at St Bridget's
1830 at South Church
Thursday 20th October 2016
             1000-1130 Fellowship Coffee at St.Bridget's
              1400-1600 Craft Group in South Conservatory
Saturday 29th October 2016 Fairtrade sales morning at South Conservatory 1030-1230
Saturday 5th November 2016 Coffee Morning South Church Hall 1000-1200

Stonehaven Dunnotttar linked with South : 9th October 2016

Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to “God’s house” last Sunday.  During the service, Lewis Greig Walker son of Greig and Donna became a member of God’s family through the sacrament of Holy Baptism.

A short video was shown informing us of the annual ‘Blythswood shoe box appeal’.  Shoeboxes are filled with everyday essential items which are sent to places where people are suffering or living in poverty. This appeal is in its fiftieth year. In the first year 300 boxes were filled, now 120,000 are filled. Shoe boxes can be obtained at St Bridget’s with a list of suitable items.

The Bible reading was from the gospel according to St Luke 17: 11-19.  We hear of Jesus healing the ten lepers, restoring them fully to society from which they had been shunned. Only one of the ten returned to thank Jesus for the gift of healing.  We were encouraged to consider what we might want Jesus to heal in us – either a physical ailment or beyond that - head or heart.  We were reminded that God can heal and can give us peace, forgiveness, comfort.  Whatever we are and whatever we do God will forgive us. Let us be like the one leper and thank Jesus for all he does for us.


Thank you to all who supported the Macmillan Coffee morning on 29 September.  The wonderful sum of £484.90 was raised.

The recent ‘Harvest Supper’ though few in number attended the sum of over £100.00 was raised for India Village Ministry

Wednesday 12: Whist at St Bridget’s 2-4pm £2 including refreshments and prizes.

Thursday 13:     Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget’s 10-11.30am

Craft Group in South conservatory 2-4pm

Copy for October Spotlight to be with Jennifer by 6pm

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Minister: or on 01569 762166 or 07899878427



South Church linked with Dunnottar

02 Oct. 16

This Sunday’s service was an absolute triumph for cooperation, communication and celebration!

Continuing the theme of Harvest, we welcomed to the church Granite City Brass Ensemble who provided the wonderful warm music for our Harvest hymns both traditional and modern.

The church itself was decorated in glorious autumn colour and we all appreciated the enthusiastic effort which had gone into the preparation of well over seventy posies and many floral arrangements by members of the Craft Group, the Flower Group and numerous members of both Dunnottar and South Congregations. Kids Praise had also produced a wonderful display of their work, each using a potato and other natural materials such as bark and feathers to produce an insect, an animal or a person for Harvest.

There could have been no more positive demonstration of the success of working together in Faith. The positive and harmonious relationship in the brass ensemble which captured the moment in music, the skills and talents of those who produced the floral art and the teamwork which prepared the church were so ably supported by all the members of the congregation today who were given the task by Rosslyn of taking the posies with them from church. Each person was tasked with gifting a floral tribute to a friend, neighbour or relative to let them know they were thought of and appreciated.

Our Harvest celebrations continue next Saturday evening 8th October when a Harvest supper will be held in St Bridget’s hall tickets are available priced £5 for adults and £3 for children.

Thursday 6th Oct Fellowship coffee in St Bridget’s 10-11.30am and Craft group in South Conservatory 2-4pm

 Friday 7th Oct Lunch Club 12.30pm in St Bridget’s £5

There will be no Sunday School or Kids Praise over the next 2 Sundays due to school holidays.

Sunday 23rd October Communion will be celebrated at 10.30 at Dunnottar, 2.30pm at St Bridget’s and 6.30pm at the South. The retiring collection will be in support of ‘Playlist for Life’.

Sunday 30th October – All age service with a difference at St Bridget’s at the usual time of 10.30am.



·         Morning worship at Dunnottar Church last Sunday was the annual Harvest Festival service and the church was decorated with the traditional fruits, vegetables, sheaves of corn and harvest bread plaits as well as a toy tractor and toy combine harvester! In her children’s talk, Rev Rosslyn Duncan asked them what they needed to make soup and went on to tell them the story of the farmer in a country area who was looking to find a wife. He invited each of three possible women to visit and to make him broth. The first was rejected as too extravagant because she peeled the carrot and the turnip, the second was also rejected as too mean when she scraped both vegetables. The third woman was chosen because she scraped the carrot and peeled the turnip-she got the balance right as she was neither too extravagant nor too mean! The message was that we need to find balance in our lives, enjoying the good things but not keeping them all to ourselves.

In her sermon, she spoke of how we face up to challenge in our lives. We may feel that some tasks are too enormous and wonder if what we do can make a difference. At the harvest time service, we are grateful for all the gifts of the season but it is also a time to reflect on the darker side of harvest. Although we have enough to eat, there are many who don’t and we look for ways of helping. The donations of fruit, vegetables and flowers at this service have been distributed locally, to care homes and needy people in the community, dried and tinned goods will go to the Cyrenians and the retiring collection will go to India Village Ministries to assist them in their work. While all of these donations are relatively small in the challenge of food poverty, we are making a difference. As the saying goes, ‘How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time”.


·         On Sunday afternoon, there was the annual service for the Elderly and Housebound in St Bridget’s. The short service had a harvest theme and it was followed by afternoon tea.


·         The Thursday morning Friendship coffee group which meets every Thursday in St Bridget’s from 10-11.30am is taking part again in the Macmillan Worlds biggest coffee morning this Thursday (29th September). Not only will there be a Sales Table at this event but there is also a Match the Numbers Stall this year with a wonderful array of goodies to boost the fundraising efforts.  On this morning there is no set charge for coffee and a fine piece. All that is requested is a donation. Please come along and support this very worthy cause. A warm welcome is assured to anyone who goes along—and you don’t need to be a member of Dunnottar Church to go there for coffee and a chat. Why not give it a try?


·         On Friday 8th October it is planned to hold a family Harvest time supper with food and entertainment at 5.30pm in St Bridget's. Tickets are priced at £5 for adults and £3 for children and are available from Deb Blacklaw (tel 767094) and Diane Dart (tel 767588).


Stonehaven South linked with Dunnottar : Sunday 18th September 

Worship at South Church on Sunday was led by Mr. Robert Bell. In his address to the young and 'young at heart' he introduced us to his two friends from Winnie the Pooh, Eeyore and Tigger. Although stopping short of identifying these toys with any particular individuals we were encouraged to reflect on these two personality types ....Eeyore, the depressed person who was always showing his gloomy nature and Tigger, the enthusiastic colourful character showing his zest for life. Mr Bell told us how these characters for him represented 'endurance' and 'encouragement,' two qualities which were mentioned by the apostle Paul in the Epistle to the Romans. Preaching from Romans 15 Mr Bell indicated in his sermon to the congregation that in the days ahead we like Paul should pray that our fellowship should be blessed with people displaying these qualities of 'endurance' and 'encouragement' as we aim to serve the purpose of God for this our generation. Worship was concluded with the singing of 'Guide me oh Thou great Jehovah'.

Next Sunday 25th September
            Harvest Thanksgiving Service at Dunnottar at 1030
                                         at St Bridget's at 1430

Sunday 2nd October at 1030 Harvest Thanksgiving at South Church with Granite City Brass Ensemble

Thursday 22nd September
                 Fellowship Coffee St Bridget's 1000-1130
                 Craft Group South Conservatory 1400-1600

Thursday 29th September
                 MacMillan Coffee Morning St Bridget's 100-1130
                 Craft Group at South Conservatory 1400-1600

Sunday 4th September 2016 : Stonehaven South linked with Dunnottar

At Stonehaven South Church Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship on Rededication Sunday. Worship commenced with the congregation singing C. F. Alexander's popular hymn 'All things bright and beautiful....the Lord God made them all'. Speaking with the children Rosslyn showed how she had made a cat from play dough and set them the challenge to create something special themselves. However, she re-assured them that if their creations did not turn out well they could have another attempt and start again. God, she told them has made us and all things to His perfect design. He loves us as we are and is always there to help us become better people.

The scripture readings from Deuteronomy and St Luke spoke of the necessity of taking that important step to choose God's way. When Moses spoke with the people he revealed how God had chosen the Israelites as His special people and they had acknowledged God as the one true God. Jesus also spoke to His disciples about the importance of choosing but the life of discipleship to which He calls us is costly - it signifies the way of sacrifice of self and of taking up the cross - but with our obedience we have the assurance of God's promise of eternal love and fellowship with Himself. Worship was concluded with the singing of he traditional congregational hymn 'Thy hand O God has guided Thy flock from age to age'.

Sunday 11th September 1030 Morning Worship Dunnottar Church Reverend Rosslyn Duncan ALL VERY WELCOME.

Thursday 8th September 1000-1130 Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget's
                       1400-1600 Craft Group in South Conservatory.



Stonehaven South linked with Dunnottar  07 Aug. 16

On the first Sunday of the month, all were welcome in the South Church for the linked service with Dunnottar, with a particular welcome extended to David Sell, our guest organist this week. Rosslyn’s message through her trio of reflections was a powerful one. Using readings from Genesis 15, Isaiah 1 and Luke 12, in addition to meditating on the relatively modern hymn ‘Beautiful Saviour’ we were encouraged to look closely at our faith through commitment, compassion and confidence. The word ‘covenant’ is more than a promise, it is a binding agreement. Such a commitment was made by God to Abram as we read in Genesis 15. When we marry, we also make such a commitment to each other. Knowing that sunshine and showers, arguments and disagreements are par for the course, it is hard to understand the totally forgiving nature of God’s love. We may distance ourselves from the Church, from God’s word yet God welcomes us always with open arms.  How easily are we swayed by people’s appearance, by their ways, by their differences from ourselves. God sees all, accepts all and forgives all. We should aspire and strive to emulate Him. Being meek and mild is not always the best line of action. There will be times in our lives when being bold and strong as the hymn suggests encourages us to promote our faith in our community. Go for it!

There is much beavering about this week as preparations are finalised for the Dunnottar Church Sale in the Town Hall from 10-12 on Saturday 13th August. Tickets priced at £3 adult and £1child.

Sunday service on Sunday 14th August will be at Dunnottar at the usual time of 10.30am.

Advance notice is again given of the joint session meeting for all three Stonehaven CoS churches on September 13th along with the Presbytery team from MAV committee.

Stonehaven Dunnottar linked with South on 31.07.2016

On Sunday Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship at St Bridget's. Our thoughts were first drawn to God's creation and particularly to those things which gives us as individuals the greatest joy - our favourite animals and flowers and those things we enjoy eating which moved us to join together in singing Doreen Newport's beautiful hymn 'Think of a world without any flowers......' Rosslyn reminded us that the things of the earth belong to our Creator God and as stewards as His creation we must share with others. The reading from Luke's gospel tells of a man with a desire to build storehouses for the abundance of his great wealth and Jesus timely reminder that His disciples should build up treasure in heaven rather than on earth. Worship was concluded with the congregation singing Charles Wesley's famous hymn 'Love divine all loves excelling'.

Next Sunday 7th August 10.30 Worship at South Church  Reverend Rosslyn Duncan All Very Welcome


Dunnottar linked with South Church


Sunday’s service was conducted by Mr Robert Bell, reader of the Church of Scotland and member of Fetteresso church.  He demonstrated how identity and citizenship can be easily recognised by the sight of a flag. He then explored through readings from psalm 15 and from Matthew chapter 6 V 5 – 14, who has the right to become a citizen of the Kingdom of God.  Through the reading of The Lord’s prayer we learned the terms of citizenship.  The Lord’s Prayer is our prayer and was given by Jesus in the ‘sermon on the Mount’.  It tells us how to live a meaningful, useful and happy life. No one is good enough on their own to be a citizen of God’s Kingdom but if we believe in Him he will forgive us.  The cost of our Forgiveness was His blood.  All of us will face trials and tribulations but with genuine faith we will be taken through them – we will find deliverance.


Future services: 10.30am

31st July St Bridget’s – fifth Sunday services with a difference

7th August – at South

14th August – at Dunnottar

21st August – at South

28th August at Dunnottar – restart of Sunday School


Thursday 28 July: Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget’s 10 – 11.30am

Saturday 13 August: Dunnottar Summer Sale 10 – 12 at Stonehaven Town Hall

( Contact numbers: 767589 or 762038 )

Minister on Summer Leave: Monday 8 August to Tuesday 30 inclusive.




Intimations should be sent to the secretary and copied to the Minister. or on 01569 760930.  The minister may usually be contacted by ‘phone on 01569 762166 or 07899878427 or by email

Stonehaven South linked with Dunnottar on 17.07.2016

This Sunday, Rosslyn was preaching at Mearns Coastal and we welcomed Steve Coles to lead our service at the South, visiting us for the first time in several years. Making a joyful noise came readily to our lips with our organist this week being David Sell, who was organist at Craigiebuckler Church in Aberdeen for many years. The big question Steve posed for us was what we expect Heaven to be like. There may well be as many versions of Heaven as there are people to imagine it. Using readings from Revelations chapter 21 and 22, Steve illustrated how revelationary, not to mention revolutionary the message about heaven was for first century Christians. No church buildings, complete safety, food readily available, a river of fresh water running through: This presented to the people an unprecedented image at a time when security, food and water were things much sought after and anything but readily available. Our bottom line today is that God offers us so much more than we can ever dream of, even in contemporary society where so much is available to so many. We have advance notice of a Joint meeting of all three Church of Scotland sessions on Tuesday 13th September. Dunnottar Summer Sale preparations are underway so have yourselves organised and ready for 13th August. Next Sunday, 24th July, the service will be at Dunnottar at 10.30am


On Sunday Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to Worship. The scripture readings were from the Book of Psalms and the Gospel of Luke, both readings having such significance for a Community of Faith. Psalm 30 expresses Israel's praise and thanksgiving to God (the God to whom the Temple is dedicated) who rescues, heals and saves. The reading from Luke's Gospel told of how Jesus sent out seventy disciples in His name into the World without material possessions. Being upheld in God's strength the seventy returned to their Master rejoicing with great joy at what was achieved in Christ's name.
In her sermon Rosslyn spoke of the importance of Church leaders at this time particularly as we as a congregation reflect on how best to worship God and serve the people in Stonehaven as our

26th June: Stonehaven Dunnottar linked with South Church

Last Sunday, Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to St Bridget’s Hall Church. Visitors from Presbytery attended worship preceding a Local Review Congregational meeting held in the afternoon.

The first Bible reading was taken from Kings 2 where we heard of the succession from Elijah to Elisha.  This led us to consider the various factors involved in Leadership.  This was illustrated by a congregation following ‘Simon says’ instructions – with varying degrees of success! Reassuringly, we have Jesus to lead us. 

In true ‘Masterchef’ style Rosslyn and Sunday school children used available ingredients to make a sandwich.  How many people were involved in even the ingredients being available to us to make this simple food? Many.  Likewise, lots of people are involved in the work, worship and witness of the Church.

Sunday school teacher Helen Sang was presented with a bouquet of flowers to thank her for leading the Sunday school through another year.  The children were presented with a book, pencil and prayer towel in remembrance and thanks for mutual learning between children and members of the congregation.


Thursday 10th: Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget’s 10 – 11.30am


July services:

3rd South Communion – morning only

10th Dunnottar – Sea Sunday with baptisms

17th South – Minister at Mearns Coastal

24th Dunnottar – Minister at Mearns Coastal

31st St Bridget’s – fifth Sunday service with a difference


Congregational websites;

Any intimations should be sent to the secretary and copied to the Minister.  The Secretary may be contacted at or on 01569 760930.  The minister may usually by contacted by ‘phone on 01569 762166 or 07899878427 or by email on RDuncan@churchofscotland.orguk



This week, we were indeed privileged to have as guests Ian Wilson preaching and Margaret Wells as our organist. Rosslyn’s study leave continues until Saturday 25th June.

The first of the reflections related to the sadness felt by so many people following the tragedies of the untimely deaths of 49 people in Orlando and the recent murder of British MP Jo Cox. Ian encouraged us, as a global Christian community, to pray for their families. He also reminded us that we, in our faith, are able to hold the opinions different to others, without resorting to senseless acts of violence.

In the second reflection, Ian reminded us of the challenges we face when trying to educate and enlighten young people.  The frustration we experience when the response is ‘BORING’ requires the patience of a saint (often quite literally!)  . He asked if we should be surprised when people out with the church community reacted in a similar way to what they don’t know or understand within the church. We have heard much about missionaries like St Paul, David Livingstone and Mary Slessor who led very adventurous lives.  However, we are not all destined to be adventurers, most of us in church this week are like Legion as told by St Luke in that our work starts here at home, promoting the word of God by word and deed. Let us not forget that God stays with us through the rough and the smooth, the challenging and the mundane. Our hymns, which included ‘I the Lord of Sea and Sky’ and ‘Dear Lord and Father of Mankind’,  were deeply evocative of the messages contained in the readings from 1Kings Ch. 19 and St Luke 8 and the reflections.

The big upcoming event is the Presbytery visit next Sunday 26th. If you don’t have your name down yet, there is still time if you let your Elder know so that the Catering is as accurate as possible. Do come and let your voice be heard. The meeting follows the service which will be at St Bridget’s at the usual time of 10.30.

There will be no Fellowship coffee this Thursday 23rd June as St Bridget’s will be used as a Polling Station.

Dunnottar linked with South Church.


Sunday’s service was conducted by Mr Ian Wilson as Reverend Rosslyn Duncan is on study leave.  Following a warm welcome extended to all, the central theme of the sermon was Forgiveness.  The children heard of the boy who had two fishes and five loaves of bread - trusting and sharing the food with Jesus enabled Jesus to perform a miracle and feed the 5000 people gathered.

In the second book of Samuel we read of how David manipulated to kill the husband of Bath-sheba to win her for himself.  David hears Nathan’s parable of how the rich man with lots of sheep was too selfish to have one of his flock slaughtered to feed a visitor, Instead having  the sole lamb of a poor neighbour slaughtered.  David told Nathan that the man should die for such an act.  Nathan points out that David too is a sinner.  David recognises this truth, repents and is told “Your faith has saved you”.  In the book of Luke 7 v36 – 50 we hear again of God’s forgiveness of a woman of ill repute who approaches Jesus as he ate with friends, she came to anoint Jesus but was overcome with emotion and washed Jesus feet with her tears.  Her humility led to God’s forgiveness.

Both David and the woman through Faith found forgiveness.  God forgives us all our sins that we may love Him.


Sunday 12 to Saturday 25 June inclusive: The Minister will be on study leave.  Pastoral cover will be provided by Rev Dr Fyfe Blair of Fetteresso.

19 June:               Service at South church

23 June:               EU Referendum: St Bridget’s office closed and no Fellowship coffee. 

                             Normal service will resume on Thursday 30th

26 June:               Service at St Bridget’s : Sunday School Presentations followed by

                             Local Review Presbytery visit.


                     Any intimations should be sent to the secretary and copied to the Minister.  The secretary may be contacted at or on 01569 760930.  The Minister may usually be contacted by phone on 01569 762166 or 07899878427 or by email on




South Church linked with Dunnottar

5 June 2016

An uplifting celebratory experience was enjoyed by everyone at church this week, as the service was led enthusiastically by Kids’ Praise and accompanied by our talented guest organist, Gordon Cooper.

The introit sung by members of the choir and Gordon, ‘Somebody prayed for me’, was the upbeat precursor of good things to come. The prayer of approach was offered by Carol Eddie, leader of Kids’ Praise and was followed by a charming rendition of ‘The Lord’s Prayer’ sung by Brodie McAlpine.  Alli McAlpine gave the reading from Matthew. The activities of their year were beautifully displayed on PowerPoint and set to musical accompaniment.

It was a real treat to have the young people perform for us so confidently; Brodie sang a solo ‘Do a little Good in the World’ and then they all sang ‘Appuski Du’ while Sam and Martha played ‘Kum ba yah’ splendidly on hand bells.

The young people’s wonderful celebration of their year was evidence of their careful planning providing an example to us all.

After the thought provoking prayer for others, Rosslyn set everyone a very specific challenge:-

On Sunday 26th June, our congregations will be visited by members of Presbytery and our service will be held at St Bridget’s. It’s hoped that as many members of both congregations as possible will be there to share with the Presbytery where we are and where we want to progress as a community of God. To that end, we are asked to set aside one minute every day in prayer to better listen to what God’s plans are for us. Knowing the time and effort of prayerful preparation which went into this and every Sunday service, this is a simple, straightforward step which is incumbent on all of us to take!

Rosslyn will be on study leave from Sunday 12th –Saturday 25th June inclusive. Pastoral cover will be provided by Rev Dr Fyfe Blair.

9th June: Fellowship Coffee 10-11.30am St Bridget’s; Craft Group in South Conservatory 2-4pm; South Kirk Session 7.30pm

12th June: Service will be at Dunnottar.

 13th June: Bible Appreciation Group at St Bridget’s

23rd June: EU Referendum means that there will be no Fellowship coffee and St Bridget’s office will be closed.





On Sunday, morning worship was held at St Bridget's and was led by members of Dunnottar-South Worship Team.  The theme of the service was 'Faith' and 'Trust in God' and commenced with the singing of David Evans reflective hymn 'Be still for the presence of God, the Holy One is here.'
The hearts and minds of the congregation were then richly nourished and spiritually uplifted as Mrs Craig interviewed Beppo Bear, our special guest who was in Church for the first time being accompanied by his friend, Church elder and ventriloquist Mrs Marshall. Beppo said he wanted to be there because he felt attracted to people of faith who looked to God and cared for God's creatures.
The gospel reading reminded us of the faith of the Roman centurion who knew that his servant would be healed by our Lord without Jesus even visiting his home and touching his servant.
As the congregation interacted in noisy conversation, a blind-folded Mrs Paterson then made her way along a pre-marked path being guided by Mrs Marshall's instructions, illustrating that in life we follow a path guided by our faith in God but in the midst of all the distractions of the World. Worship was brought to a close with the singing of 'Great is Thy faithfulness' Chisholm's  famous hymn proclaiming the faithfulness of God towards His creatures.
Next Sunday 5th June Morning Worship 1030 at South Church at which 'Kids Praise' will participate.
Thursday 2nd June
1000-1130 Fellowship Coffee St Bridge's
1400-1600 Craft Group South Conservatory


  • Morning worship at Dunnottar Church last Sunday was a Songs of Praise service as Reverend Rosslyn Duncan was conducting a communion services at Mearns Coastal Church. Dunnottar Elder Hazel Paterson led the service with the support of the Joint Churches Worship Team. Ros Marshall did the children’s talk and began by asking what their favourite thing was. She received answers such as Star Wars, Minions and chocolate…the last of these was no doubt the favourite of many of the adults in the congregation! She went on to tell the children about one of her favourite things and produced two of the handbells from the set used by the Kilwhang Ringers. She explained a little about the history of handbell ringing, telling them that sets of hung bells date from 6th century BC China and sets of handbells tuned to a scale first appeared in the UK in the 17th century and by the 18th century, groups of ringers had branched out into tune playing. Handbells were used as practice for ringing peals of bells in churches where there are belltowers and now there are many groups of handbell ringers throughout the world.

The hymns, which were sung on Sunday, were the favourite hymns of people in the congregation for whom they were meaningful for different reasons and the congregation enjoyed singing very familiar hymns throughout the service. Dunnottar Church Organist, Dr Albert Bil also enjoyed the service, making full use of all that the organ in Dunnottar Church can do, including rousing use of the trumpet stops in particular hymns!

·         Last Saturday morning, the Kilwhang Ringers held a most successful coffee morning with performances by the Ringers in St Bridget's. They were delighted to have raised over £600 through this event. Thanks to everyone who went along to support them.

·         The Granite City Brass Band is performing a concert on Saturday 14th May at 7pm in Dunnottar Church. The full concert band is coming so this will be a very exciting event. Tickets including refreshments, are priced at adults £5, children £2 and are available from Giulianottis’s or at Church Door. The Band is performing free so that all proceeds will be shared between Christian Aid and India Village Ministries. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear great music and support two worthwhile causes. Transport is available at 6.30pm from Market Square. Contact Ros Marshall 762 813 for details.


Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to Church on the Sixth Sunday of Easter. Worship began with singing 'Great Is Thy Faithfulness', Chisholm's famous hymn which expresses 'the strength for today and the hope for tomorrow' which God brings. The readings were was Acts and the gospel of John. As Rosslyn led our reflections on these readings we learnt of individuals who had embraced change in their lives. When Lydia, a business woman from Philippi heard the gospel preached by the apostle Paul, her life was changed for ever; she, her family and all her employees received Christian baptism and her home became a place of Christian hospitality. The life of a paralysed man was also changed for ever when he was healed by Jesus at the Pool of Bethesda. Change will certainly come about on encounter with the living Christ and His gospel. Being aware of how much the gospel of Christ's love is needed for change to take place in our society today, Rosslyn urged us to pray for all those presently in training as Ministers of the Word and Sacrament and also to be open to the call to ministry in our own lives as we seek continual renewal by the Spirit so that we may better live as witnesses to the gospel of Christ. The congregation responded to these meditations in the singing of Frances Havergal's hymn 'Take My Life and Let It Be Consecrated Lord To Thee'.


Next Sunday 8th May 1030 Songs of Praise Service at Dunnottar - led by Worship Team - ALL WECOME.
Friday 6th May 1230 Lunch Club St Bridget's £5.00
Thursday 5th May St Bridget's Office and Fellowship Coffee closed as St Bridget's will be used as Polling Station


·         At morning worship at Dunnottar Church last Sunday, Reverend Rosslyn Duncan celebrated the sacrament of Communion. She began her sermon with a quotation from Shakespeare in view of the fact that it was the 400th anniversary of his death on 23rd April. She chose a section of Henry V’s rousing speech to his people before battle and linked this the Last Supper and the disciples being prepared by Jesus to go into battle. Jesus new that His time had come to die —and that the time had come for the disciples to become apostles, and leaders, to share the gospel and witness in a community of Faith and care. She went on to say that in the 2000 years of Church history that had followed his death, the tensions in the early days between Gentiles and Jews had continued with the persecution of people of other faiths and of each other. When God sees us as the congregation of His church, what does he see? Are we a whole community, healthy and nurturing and witnessing to our Faith? Peter had a vision of a variety of people following Christ and the Lord’s Table at Communion is open to all who love the Lord.

there were another two services of Communion last Sunday, one at St Bridget’s in the afternoon and one at the South Church in the evening. After each of them, there was a retiring collection for India Village Ministries.

Two dates in May to put into your diary are the Kilwhang Ringers Coffee Morning and performance in St Bridget’s Hall on Saturday 7th May from 10am-12noon. As well as coffee and homebaking, there will be a variety of stalls. Tickets cost £3 for adults and £1 for children and are available at the door.

The second event is a concert by the Granite City Brass Band in aid of Christian Aid and India Village Ministries. It will take place in Dunnottar Church on Saturday 14th May at 7pm. Transport will be provided for anyone who needs it , leaving Market Square at 6.30pm. Tickets are available from Giulianottis’s and church members , price £5 for adults and £2 for children, which includes refreshments. Don’t miss it!




On Sunday 10th April our Minister, Reverend Rosslyn Duncan, took the theme of her first reflection form the text in John's Gospel, chapter 21, where Jesus appeared to the disciples saying 'Cast your nets to the right side of the boat'.

The disciples had returned to their comfortable known ways after Jesus had left them at Easter. As they struggled in vain to catch anything, Jesus appeared to them and told them to place their nets to the right side of the boat. They obeyed him and were amazed to find a heavy net of fish, more than they could haul.

Rosslyn explained that by listening and concentrating on God's word, by trusting and obeying Him, we will be able to do all the things God has in store for us. We too, are called 'to cast our nets', according to what God commands. He will enable us to do all He has planned for us by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Rosslyn continued her reflection with the second reading which came from the same chapter of John's Gospel, at verse 15, read by Alasdair MacCallum.

Peter was asked three times by Jesus, 'Do you love me?'

Peter was hurt that Jesus asked him three times, but Jesus followed this by saying 'Feed my sheep'.

The Bible tells of the many times meals were shared, often when Jesus was performing miracles. However, Jesus feeding is not simply by bread alone, but is the spiritual feeding of our souls.

Like Peter and the disciples, we all have a pastoral responsibility. We are called together to care for and nurture one another and this means listening, reading the scriptures, discussing them with others, reflecting and praying, asking God to show us the way ahead.

As we look toward the next five years in our linked charge, our focus must be feeding and nurturing all people, in and beyond our community, listening to God and concentrating on who we are called to serve and to love.

Singing the greatly loved hymn, 'The Lord's my Shepherd', following these reflections reminded us that God is always beside us. We just need to put our trust in Him.


Saturday 16th April, Spring Coffee Morning in South Church Hall. 10am -12noon. Various Stalls.Tickets Adult 32:50 Child £



Stonehaven Dunnottar linked with South: 3rd April 2016

On the Second Sunday of Easter Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to Worship. The readings were from John's gospel and the book of Acts. Reflecting on Christ's appearance to His disciples Rosslyn spoke of that peace which He bestowed on them with the phrase 'Peace be with you'. Unlike any other individual our Lord truly did know how His disciples were feeling and for us His disciples today He knows our thoughts and feelings, our failings and our achievements, and throughout everything He loves us and gives us that reassurance so we feel peace in His presence.
As Rosslyn preached on the reading from the book of Acts we saw how those frightened men who had previously locked themselves away in the Upper Room had been transformed from disciples into apostles - men sent out to courageously  proclaim the good news - the good news that the crucified Jesus was now Christ the Risen Saviour. The lesson for us today is that it is not enough just to acknowledge the peace of God in our lives but we must also witness to it as we live hour by hour in God's world. Worship was concluded with the congregation singing Frances Crosby's great hymn of faith 'Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine'
Next Sunday 10th April Morning Worship at Dunnottar 1030 Reverend Rosslyn Duncan. All Welcome.
Thursday 7th April Fellowship Coffee St Bridget's 1000-1130 All Welcome
Saturday 16th April 1000-1200 Spring Coffee Morning South Church Hall Tickets £2.50(adults); £1.00(children

Dunnottar Linked with South Churches

Reverend Rosslyn Duncan began morning worship on Easter day with the warm and uplifting words ‘Happy Easter’.  She went on to thank those who had prepared breakfast following the early morning Easter service conducted at the harbour.

Morning worship at Dunnottar church included the sacrament of baptism when Innes Alexander Robertson son of Wayne and Claire and brother of Gregor was welcomed as a beloved child of God, now part of God’s family in Christ – one family of Faith.

Rosslyn pointed out in the sermon that we, who are familiar with the Easter story, find no surprise in it. The reading from the gospel according to John reminds us that those who found Jesus missing from the tomb in which he was laid were shocked and surprised.

Rosslyn illustrated this surprise by revealing the contents  of four easter eggs.  Egg one: contained a palm leaf, palm leaves were waved in celebration as Jesus came to Jerusalem.  Egg two: a cross which, being the shape of a sword reminds us that Jesus was betrayed, arrested and suffered tortuous cruelty.  The shape of the Easter egg mirrors the shape of the stone which was rolled in front of the tomb.   Finally, egg four contained a cross with a flower blooming from it which reminds us that out of the cross itself comes new life.  Jesus gave himself for us – new hope and a joyful surprise!


Thursday 31 March:  Fellowship Coffee: St Bridget’s 10 – 11.30am

                                        Craft Group: South Conservatory 2 – 4pm                                    

Sunday 3 April: 10.30am at the South – no Kids Praise

Sunday 10 April: 10.30am at Dunnottar – no Sunday School or Kids Praise.


Any intimations should be sent to the secretary and copied to the Minister.  The secretary may be contacted at or on 01569 760930.

The Minister may usually be contacted by ‘phone on 01569 762166 or 07899878427 or by email on




On Palm Sunday Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship with a special welcome to Reverend Doctor Suresh Vemulapalli  from Indian Village Ministries.  In her address to the children Rosslyn spoke of the fine strong horses she sees daily from her home and contrasted them to the weak humble donkey on which our Lord choose to ride into Jerusalem. This act showed that despite being King of all creation Jesus took on the role of a humble servant, the Servant King who will give His life for the world. The congregation joined the children in the singing of 'We have a KIng who rides a donkey' before Rosslyn led us in prayer for the needs of the world.
Our guest then spoke to us of his work with IVM. Suresh told how his mother having been widowed at the age of 19, had contemplated suicide but had been befriended by Christians missionaries. From that point Christianity was to become the central focus of the lives of her and her family and eventually to Suresh's vocation to ministry. Suresh told of IVM outreach to many groups including the elderly, the widowed, the sewing centre and the training of local village
pastors. However, the high point of his mission is to orphaned children and the present need to increase accommodation for them in line with government standards. Gifts to IVM may be sent to PO Box 18485, Kittybrewster, Aberdeen AB24 3XN. Information at 
This week Holy Week services at St Bridget's 1930-2000
       Wednesday 23 March
       Thursday 24 March
        Good Friday 25 March
Sunday 27 March Easter Day
                             0800 Worship at Stonehaven Harbour
                             1030 Worship at Dunnottar Church
ALL ARE WELCOME to attend these services


·         At morning worship at Dunnottar Church last Sunday, Reverend Rosslyn Duncan baptised Imogen Aisha Smiles, daughter of Alan and Nicola and sister of Amelia. Her godparents Emily, Richard, Laura and Craig were also there and, as is the custom at Dunnottar Church, one of the godparents lit the baptismal candle, which burns throughout the service and is given to the parents at the end of the service. The baptismal candle is lit from the fifth candle from the Advent ring, the one which is lit on Christmas Day and which is lit for every Sunday service in Dunnottar Church.  Rosslyn said that the reason why we light the candle is to remind us that Jesus is the light of the world. She asked the children in the congregation what symbols they could see on the baptismal candle. There is a Cross representing the Easter story, a dove as the symbol for peace, and water as the symbol for baptism.

·         In her sermon, she spoke about Martha and Mary, two very different women but as sisters connected by the bond of family. Mary was highly regarded in the community and she knew she was loved by Jesus who was a friend, a teacher and a healer to Martha, Mary and their brother Lazarus. She wanted to show people how much she loved Jesus and set aside her pride, dignity and reputation to pour valuable perfume over his feet and wipe it away with her hair. She didn’t care what others think, she didn’t care how public it was, or how much it might humiliate her. She was there to worship Jesus and she didn’t let anyone get in her way. Rosslyn recalled preaching about Martha in Dunblane around the time of the 10th anniversary massacre at Dunblane Primary School. The message then and now is that we should always tell people how we feel about them, as we may not get the opportunity to do so later. As Christians we are called to show the world how much we love Jesus and be prepared to give all that we have and are for Him.

·         This Saturday morning, 19th March, Dunnottar Church is holding its Spring Sale and Coffee Morning in St Bridget’s from 10am-12noon.There will be a range of stalls-Cake & Candy, Match the Numbers, a Spring Stall with a Green and Yellow colour theme, Books+, Arts and Crafts and a £1 stall. Entry is by silver donation and tickets for a cup of tea or coffee and home baking are £2.50 for adults and £1 for children, available at the door. So make a note in your diary to come along to St Bridget’s on Saturday!


South Church linked with Dunnottar

6 March 2016

Today was the fourth in Lent and Mothering Sunday. Rosslyn, back refreshed from annual leave, welcomed everyone warmly, with special mention for Gordon Cooper, our guest organist this week.

Our readings came from Luke 1 Mary visits Elizabeth and Matthew 2 -The Flight into Egypt.

Rosslyn’s address to the children posed questions concerning names given to the young of both animals and humans as well as what parents need to do for them. She developed this theme with their responses examining the relationship between parent and offspring and the role of love. Rosslyn’s sermon progressed when she raised the delicate topic of difficulties which might be encountered on Mothers’ Day. To celebrate or not? That is the poser. This day may well be expected to be a day of happiness and appreciation for the majority of mothers, but, regrettably for too many, and for a range of reasons, it is a day tinged with sadness and isolation.

 In contemporary society, it is especially important that we celebrate the origins of this day- that of the role of Mother Church. Historically, individuals would return to the church in which they were baptised or confirmed while ministers and priests would go to the church where they were inducted. Looking to the role of Mother Church allows us to see ourselves as nurturers and act to support those around us; within the church, in our community and in the wider world into the future. Note for next year – Mum’s the word!

Dates for our diaries:

Thursday 10/3: Fellowship Coffee St Bridget’s 10-11.30; Craft Group South Conservatory 2-4; South Kirk Session 7.30 in the Conservatory.

Sunday 13/3: Morning worship at Dunnottar; Joint meeting of Sessions in South Conservatory  2-4.

Monday 14/3: Bible Appreciation Group at St Bridget’s 2-3

Wednesday 16/3: Dunnottar Kirk Session Upper Room 7pm.

Saturday 19/3: Dunnottar Spring Coffee Morning St Bridget’s 10-12. Tickets £2.50/ £1; Earth Hour Candlelit Supper in South Church Hall 7.30, entry by donation.

Sunday 20/3 Palm Sunday service at South with very special guest speaker, Suresh from Indian Village Ministries.



·         The church was full for the morning worship at Dunnottar Church last Sunday during which Reverend Rosslyn Duncan baptised two baby girls. One was Eilidh Neve Dinnett, daughter of Andrew and Claire and the other was Carla Grieve, the daughter of Scott and Gemma. Rosslyn spoke about the reasons why we baptise children. Because Jesus himself was baptised by John the Baptist, or Baptiser as he is sometimes known. The children don’t understand but we believe that this symbolises God’s Love and His Spirit. When parents bring their child to be baptised, they declare their faith and promise to bring up their children in the knowledge and love of God. Both of the children baptised last Sunday will have the support of their parents as well as their Godparents who were all involved in the service. As is the practice at a Baptism, a candle is lit for each child which burns throughout the time of worship and which the parents take away at the end of the service.


·         In her reflections, and with Sunday being Valentine’s Day, she produced a packet of Love Hearts and read three of the messages..Love You for Keeps, Spoil Me and All Mine. She reminded the men in the congregation, including the strong silent types in the North East of Scotland who may love deeply and show it in many ways, that they must sometimes put it into words and say these special words ”I love you”! She referred to the letter to the Romans, which states that it is not enough just to believe and to love in our hearts. As Christians, we also need to share by coming together to worship God and show our faith to others.


·         Fairtrade fortnight begins on Monday 29th February and on Saturday 27th there is a “Big Brew” event in the South Church Conservatory from 10.30am-12.30pm to launch the annual awareness raising campaign. There will also be stalls selling Fairtrade goods after morning worship at the South Church on 6th March and at Dunnottar Church on 13th March.



As the congregation gathered to worship on the Second Sunday of Christmas, the joy and wonder of the season was still very visible with the Star shining from the Christmas tree, the Crib declaring the devotion of the Magi and the pulpit fall displaying 'Flight into Egypt'.  Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed ALL, and worship commenced with singing 'As of gladness men of old, did the guiding star behold'.
The gospel readings were from Matthew and John.  Reflecting on the visit of the Magi, Rosslyn indicated how appropriate it was for Matthew, a man devoted to the Hebrew tradition and the Jewish faith to have the realisation of God's revelation to those Visitors whom we often think of as  three foreign kings, who brought their precious gifts, gold(signifying kingship), frankincense(signifying divinity) and myrrh(signifying suffering and death which awaits the Christ Child).  These thoughts were in our minds as we sang of the 'gold of obedience and incense of lowliness'.  On considering the Holy Family's Flight Into Egypt, Rosslyn said how we often miss out the incident of the 'Slaughter of The Innocents' when telling the Christmas story but  thinking of the brutality of the world, then as now  helps us appreciate the whole gospel message.  Those feelings of intense sadness for the world penetrated our thoughts as Rosslyn led us in prayers for those both near and far, who are suffering now.
In his gospel, John speaks of the eternal Word becoming a tiny weak baby at Christmas, but in becoming weak He thereby was to lift weak humanity to the heights of communion with the everlasting God and by so doing brought real Joy, a Joy celebrated by the congregation in the final hymn, 'Joy to the World, the Saviour Came'
Thursday 7th January 1000-1130 Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget's
Next Sunday 10th January 1030 Morning Worship at Dunnottar Rev. Rosslyn Duncan


On the Second Sunday in Advent Reverend Rosslyn Duncan introduced the congregation to the Granite City Brass Ensemble who then greatly enhanced our Christmas Praise with their talents, skill, dedication and enthusiasm in the playing of nine Christmas hymns.  The familiar 'Once in Royal David's City' turned our thoughts to the Child in the Manger who is Lord of all.

On  lighting the Second Advent candle we reflected on the faith of the shepherds who left their place of work to visit the baby Jesus.
The singing of Christina Rossetti's famous hymn 'In the Bleak Mid-Winter' reminded us of how at Christmas time we celebrate the greatest gift of all Jesus Himself, God's give to the World. We have nothing of our own to give, yet like the shepherds and the Magi of the Christmas story we have a desire to give which can only be met with the giving of ourselves in God's service.
On Sunday the musical talents of the members of the band filled our hearts with joy but we also saw the exceptional talents of another group of people. The Craft Group(who meet weekly enjoying Christian fellowship while producing works of art using a variety of different materials) had produced a Wall Hanging depicting scenes from the  life of our Lord. This beautiful piece was dedicated on Sunday with a promise of another to follow in the future, which we were able to view as a 'work in progress' after Worship.
Worship next Sunday 13th December will be a Nativity Service at Dunnottar t 1030
On Christmas Eve
1800 Christingle Service at South Church
2300 Carols at Dunnottar Church
2330 Watchnight Service at Dunnottar
Christmas Day 1000 Service at South Church

Stonehaven Dunnottar linked with South : 29th November at St Bridget's


  • Morning worship last Sunday was in St Bridget’s as November is a month with 5 Sundays and when that happens, the service on the Fifth Sunday is held there. As this was the first Sunday in advent, the first candle on the advent ring was lit by one of the children, ably assisted by her mother! On the Advent ring, which represents endless mercy and love, there are five candles and during the season of Advent one candle is lit each Sunday as a part of the service. Each candle represents an aspect of the spiritual preparation for the coming of Christ and together, the candles represent the coming of the light of Christ into the world. There are four red candles set round the ring with a white candle in the centre. The first candle is sometimes called the "Prophecy Candle" in memory of the prophets, particularly Isaiah, who foretold the birth of Christ. This candle represents hope or expectation in anticipation of the coming Messiah. Each week on Sunday, an additional candle is lit up to Christmas Eve when the white candle is lit.

  • In her first reflection Rev Rosslyn Duncan spoke about Andrew, the disciple who became the patron saint of Greece, Russia and Scotland. She went on to say that we are all called to serve as part of the larger body of the Church- we are not called to be in isolation. To illustrate this, everyone was asked to make paper chains out of strips of paper provided. These will be used to decorate the Upper Room at Dunnottar and the South Church Hall for the Children of the sundaysschool and Kids Prraise. Another “Creative activity with a purpose “ was making a strip of Advent angels by careful folding and cutting out of a sheet of paper. (This certainly took many people back to their childhood as they tried to remember how it was done!) The serious message was that in our lives we will have encountered someone who acted like an angel towards us at some difficult time in our lives and that we too had probably supported someone else in this way. We were asked to pray for those who had been angels to us.

  • Next Sunday, 6th December, is a busy day for Dunnottar linked with South as the Granite City Brass ensemble will lead Christmas praise at the South Church at the morning service at 10.30am while at 4pm at St Bridgets, there is the annual traditional Nine Lessons and Carols service. The story is told in nine short Bible readings interspersed with the singing of Christmas carols, some by the choir and some by everyone who comes along.The best-known version is broadcast annually from King's College, Cambridge, on Christmas Eve but you don’t have to go to Cambridge or wait until Christmas Eve…come along to St Bridget’s at 4pm on Sunday and enjoy listening to an augmented choir under the leadership of Paul McKay singing the 9 carols, members of the various church organizations reading the 9 lessons and join in the singing of the Christmas hymns. Please come and join us at either or both of the services on Sunday.


On Sunday Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to Worship.  On addressing the children she produced a handful of paper money which on examination proved to be a bundle of £5.00 notes with a variety of pictures, some of the notes were quite new while others had been around a bit.  She said that although people would prefer to possess the nice new notes, each note was in fact all of the same value...they were all worth £5.00.  Humans were also like this, we were all very different from the outside, yet we were all individuals valued and treasured by God.  The congregation reflected on God's universal love while singing "He's got the whole world in His hands"Throughout worship we meditated on the importance of caring for others and standing alongside those working for Christ through Crossreach (The Church of Scotland social care service).  Within Stonehaven we were encouraged to get involved with Clashfarquhar and The Bungalow.  Rosslyn's message was enhanced as the congregation sang that powerful hymn of Christian service "Brother, Sister let me serve you, let me be as Christ to you".  Reading from the gospel of Matthew on the parable of the sheep and the goats where Jesus is identified as the Judge in Glory but at the same time identifies Himself with the "least of these members of my family". At the beginning of Prisoners' Week it is right to stop and reflect not in a spirit of judgement on those whom society has imprisoned but in a spirit of forgiveness and compassion on our brothers and sisters whom Christ loves and calls us to stand alongside.  Worship was concluded with the congregation singing "To God be the glory".
Next Sunday 22nd November Morning Worship 1030 at Dunnottar  Reverend Rosslyn Duncan
Saturday 21st November 1000-1130 Guild Coffee Morning at St Bridget's (Tickets £2.50 adults; £1.00 children)
Friday 27th  November The Bungalow presents Strictly at Stonehaven Town Hall.  Tickets £30.00 for 2 course meal at 7pm
Spectator tickets for dancing £10.00 at 9pm
Tickets available from The Bungalow Arduthie Street or Fetteresso Church Bath Street.


In the absence of Reverend Rosslyn Duncan, Sunday worship was led by Mrs Hazel Paterson and members of the Joint Worship Team.  The congregation sang the hymn 'The Earth Is The Lord's and Everything In It', in two parts, although presented as a challenge by Mrs Paterson, it was a challenge to which the congregation comfortably rose being ably led by the ladies and gentlemen of the choir. With Sunday being the Feast of All Saints, the theme of the Service was heroes of faith throughout the ages.  Mrs Elaine Craig told the children the story of David, the shepherd boy and his encounter with the giant Goliath.  The face of that fierce Philistine had been skilfully represented by an extra-large pumpkin having been carved and prominently placed on the pulpit;  David being represented by a tiny 'youthful' cabbage.  Further thoughts on the heroes of our faith being recalled, were reflections on St Stephen and on Rev Dr Alfred Harold Wood.  St Stephen paid the ultimate price for his faith in Jesus by becoming the first Christian martyr, who in his death prayed to God to forgive those who were to cause his death by stoning.  We heard of the great achievements of Dr Wood both in Australia and in Tonga, a man who was very talented but with his gifts was the acceptance of the gospel message 'To him who has been given much, much will be required'.  Worship was concluded in the singing of 'Look ye saints, the sight is glorious', that wonderful vision of Christ having overcome suffering and death to be acknowledged on earth and in heaven as King of kings and Lord of lords.
Next Sunday 8th November 2015 Remembrance Sunday at South Church 1045
(congregation are requested to be seated by 10.30)
Thursday 5th November 2015  1000-1130 Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget's
                                                  1400-1600 Craft Group at South Conservatory
Friday 6th November 2015  Lunch Club at St Bridget's 1230   £5.00
Saturday 7th November 2015 1000-1200  Coffee Morning at South Church Hall with various stalls
Tickets £2.50(adults) £1.00(children).


Stonehaven Dunnottar Linked with South Church: 25th October at Dunnottar

Reverend Rosslyn Duncan warmly welcomed all to morning worship on Sunday.  The Sacrament of Holy Communion was conducted. In this sacrament our Faith is strengthened in the knowledge that as God comes closer to us so we can come closer to Him.

Faith was the focus throughout the service.  Psalm 34 V1 – 8 “I sought the Lord, and he answered me”

In  the reading from the gospel according to Mark 10 v 46 – 52 we hear of blind Bartimaeus recognising the Power of Jesus and asking for his help.  Onlookers and readers of Mark’s account would expect Bartimaeus  to ask for his sight to be restored.  Jesus, however asks  “What do you want me to do for you?” Jesus and Bartimaeus see each other spiritually.  Jesus wants to know what is in his heart and Bartimaeus recognises Jesus as the Messiah.  With his eyesight restored, Bartimaeus does not go back to his familiar life but follows Jesus.

Jesus looks at us with the same compassion and asks us “What can I do for you at my table”  Holy Communion is an opportunity to renew our Faith and to open our hearts to our Lord.


The Minister will be on leave from Thursday 29th October until Wednesday 4th November inclusive.

Pastoral cover will be provided by Reverend Dr Fyfe Blair of Fetteresso 762876.


1st Nov: Kids Praise restarts in the South Hall.

Thursday 29th October: 10 – 11.30 Fellowship Coffee morning at St Bridget’s

                                                2 – 4 pm Craft Group at South Conservatory

Saturday 31st October: Fairtrade Sales Morning 10.30 am in South Conservatory

November 1st: all contributions for the Blyths wood Shoebox Appeal 2015 handed in.

Friday 6th November: Lunch Club meet St Bridget’s Hall at 12.30 pm Soup and Sweet lunch £5.00 pp

November 7th: Coffee and Crafts in South Halls with various stalls.  Donations for stalls welcome. Contact Karen Smith on 01569 763380 if requiring pick up.

November 8th: Remembrance Sunday at South 10.45 am.  Congregation to be seated by 10.30 am.

Friday November 13th Garioch Blend evening at Dunnottar 7.30 pm £6.50


Any intimations should be sent to the secretary and copied to the Minister.

Secretary: or on 01569 760930

Minister usually: 01569 762166 or 07899878427 or






On Sunday Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to worship.  Having read from the book of Job, Rosslyn encouraged us to  reflect on this upright man, who had been overcome by trouble, illness and grief loosing everything which made life meaningful and worthwhile.  His friends believed his suffering had been caused by his sin and tried to persuade him to make a confession.  However, Job knowing he had been faithful to God's law was feeling abandoned by the Lord and vents his anger at God crying out for an answer.  In that answer Job comes face to face with the majesty and awesomeness of God ... the God of eternity who has laid the foundations of the world.  The complete 'otherness' of the Almighty was also proclaimed by the congregation in the singing of the hymn 'Immortal, invisible God only wise' as they humbly sought that gift 'to see, 'tis only the splendour of light hideth Thee'.

  The gospel reading told of the story of James and John, those sons of thunder, desiring privileged positions in Christ's Kingdom, without realising what they were asking.  Jesus' words to them told of that harsh reality that His followers like Himself would have to suffer for the sake of the gospel.  The glory of that eternal kingdom begins at the foot of the cross. Rosslyn reminded us how we also are required to say 'Yes' to Jesus' invitation to follow Him, unsure of what lies ahead, yet trusting and putting our faith in Him.  Worship was concluded with the congregation singing Charles Wesley's hymn of faith 'And can it be that I should gain an interest in the Saviour's blood'
Next Sunday 25th October - Sacrament of Holy Communion will be celebrated
                                                                                1030 at Dunnottar Church
                                                                                1430 at St Bridget's
                                                                                 1830 at South Church
                                                                    ALL ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND
Thursday 22nd October  1100-1130 Fellowship Coffee at St Bridget's
                                         1400-1600 Craft Group South Conservatory
Saturday 24th October 1000-1200 Paints and Pray Coffee Morning at Fetteresso
                          1930 Musical Concert at St Bridget's Tickets £4.00

Stonehaven Dunnottar linked with South

Sunday 11th Octoer 2015

  • At morning worship in Dunnottar Church last Sunday, there was the launch of the annual shoebox appeal for Blythswood Care. A DVD was shown of children and adults in Eastern Europe receiving the boxes and their delight in receiving their box was clear to see. The message is that we take so much for granted but to the people receiving the boxes, soap, toothpaste and a warm pair of gloves and a scarf and hat mean so much—and of course the children, like children everywhere, were delighted with the toys and sweets they found in their boxes!! Shoeboxes were available at the end of the service for the members of the congregation to take home and fill-these have to be returned by 1 November to allow the contents to be checked and any essential items added which are missing, This year, a contribution of £2.50 is required along with each box to cover transport costs and small jars were also available for the congregation to take away and save their odd change to contribute to the transport costs.

  • In her reflections during the service, Rev Rosslyn Duncan spoke first about Job whose suffering was so deep that no human could help him, only God. In our earthly lives we are required not just to accept suffering but to do what we can for ourselves and other people to relieve hunger, poverty, cruelty, neglect and the like. In her second reflection, she spoke about the rich young man in the New Testament who asked Jesus what he needed to do to have eternal life. The answer was to give away everything he owned but he found this too hard an instruction to follow and walked away. We are not told whether as he walked away he thought over what he had heard. The issue was that he valued wealth and comfort before people. With so many requests for money both recently - such as for Christian Aid at Harvest time - and in the months to come-the money for the shoeboxes, retiring collection for India Village Ministries at the Communion services at the end of October and the Giving Tree appeal later in November - it may seem that the Church is always asking for money. What is required of us is to value people above possessions and do something to help other people who are worse off than ourselves.

  • On Tuesday of this week, the Guild met at St Bridget’s to hear from Ivy Blair from All Friends Together helping churches welcome people with learning difficulties including involvement in church life and building friendships. This is one of the Gild projects for 2015/16.

  • On Saturday 24th October, there will be a concert in St Bridget’s with the Swanies and some of Stonehaven Folk Group performing Scottish and Irish music and folk songs. Tickets priced £4 are available at the door on the evening. The concert starts at 7.30pm and there will be tea/coffee and biscuits at the interval.


Stonehaven South Church linked with Dunnottar

04 Oct. 15 at South

At Harvest time, we do tend to celebrate our appreciation for all the good things with which God has blessed us. This week, our church was ablaze with glorious autumn colour and the bountiful produce of field and garden in eye-catching arrangements, including very cute ‘vegimals’ (animals created from fruit and vegetables by a very creative contributor!). The warm fellowship shared by those decorating the church was an added bonus, just as those out in the fields had a shared experience as they gathered in the harvest

Within this wonderful array of nature’s bounty, Rosslyn’s words and the readings from Job and Mark encouraged us to reflect beyond our own comfort zone. We learned that, though Job suffered greatly he would not deign to blame or condemn God for his predicament.  Comfort for Job during his suffering was evident in the loving support of his friends who, restricted in what they could do, simply sat with him, empathising with his suffering. Knowing that someone is there who recognises our pain can alleviate our despair and offer hope. From the book of Mark, we discovered that women and children were to be raised to equal status in God’s eyes, which challenged the existing Jewish tradition. Rosslyn drew the parallel that each of us has their place in God’s world and we should support those in difficulty in those areas of the world, near and far, where even the basic essential of clean water cannot be taken for granted.

Close to home, our fresh produce will go to people locally; our tinned and packet foods will be used by the Cyrenians and our monetary gifts will support Christian Aid as they strive to extend the provision of clean water for the thirsty peoples of the world.

The Eco Network meeting is being hosted by the South Church this Wednesday 7th October, 7pm for 7.30pm start. There will be a presentation by Mackie Academy pupils during the meeting.

Thursday 8th October, Craft group meets in the Conservatory from 2-4pm

Kirk session of the South meets at 7.30pm on Thursday 8th in the Conservatory

Kids’ Praise and Sunday school will not meet on 11th and 18th during the school holidays.


Dunnottar linked with South : Sunday 27th September 2015


Morning worship in Dunnottar Church last Sunday was the annual Harvest festival service and as people arrived at the church, the first thing they saw was a wheelbarrow just outside the doors loaded with all the produce you associate with the harvest. It certainly made people stop and admire the display!

Once inside there was further harvest themed decoration and a table for people to leave their harvest gifts of fresh produce which is distributed to the elderly in the various care homes.tinned and dried goods for the Cyrenians and donations of money to Christian Aid’s appeal for Bolivia. The singing was led by the Granite City Brass ensemble who were making a welcome return to play at the service…and it certainly helped the singing of the various hymns. Rev Rosslyn Duncan had planned the prayers, readings and short reflections around the themes of Creation-the gift of life, Recreation-the gift of fellowship and Re-creation-the gift of healing and wholeness. It was very appropriate that the service ended with the hymn ”You shall go out with joy”.. which summed up everyone’s mood!

On Sunday afternoon, there was the annual service for the elderly and housebound in St Bridget’s. Arrangements had been made to transport those who wish to come to the service and after a short service of worship, there was afternoon tea with lots of home baking on offer. 

Last Thursday, the Friendship coffee morning was organised to support the Macmillan Cancer Worlds Biggest Coffee morning. Margaret Coutts who organises the coffee morning received a call from the charity to tell her that the Thursday coffee group had taken part in this fundraiser since 1995 making it one of the groups who have supported Macmillan in this venture for the longest time. The amount raised last Thursday was over £300 so a very big thank you to everyone who supported this event.

The coffee morning takes place every week in St Bridget’s from 10-11.30am and is open to anyone to go along and enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and some homebaking.



On Sunday, worship at South Church began with the traditional hymn "All things bright and beautiful" expressing that childlike awe and wonder at the Creator God, the "Almighty Who has made all things well".  The wonder of creation was thus uppermost in our thoughts as the Reverend Rosslyn Duncan led us in  prayers of adoration and thanksgiving for creation, prayers to the Lord shared with congregations throughout Scotland.
In addressing the children whom she knows well not only in her role on Sunday but also as their School Chaplain she spoke of the blessings of education and how it was the vision of the Church that every child throughout the world should learn to read and write.  The congregation was encouraged to sign a petition to those in power with a plea to honour a commitment to universal basic education.
The readings from James and the gospel of Mark spoke of wisdom; and the disciples dispute over who was the greatest.  Rosslyn told the congregation of a lively discussion in which she was involved in the company of a secondary school teacher and Cambridge academics.  The question was what makes a good teacher.  Is it primarily concerned with the skill of communicating with the young or is it a depth of knowledge and an enthusiasm for a particular discipline which spills over to those who hear? Jesus' followers argued about how good disciples they were.  Our Lord gave them and gives us a perfect measure of our dedication to Him.  By sitting a child on His knee He shows us how far we have to travel in our discipleship ... we must make that journey and learn to love and trust Him with that special childlike trust of knowing Him to be our Saviour, our Master and our Friend.
Next Sunday 27th September
       10.30 Dunnottar Church Harvest Praise
    with Granite City Brass Ensemble
14.30 Harvest Praise at St Bridget's
Sunday 4th October Harvest Praise at South Church
Harvest gifts of produce welcome at all services
along with contributions to Christian Aid's Bolivia appeal.
You are warmly welcome to join  us in any of our services.

Dunnottar linked with South Church : 13th September 2015


Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to Sunday’s service.  During the service Harris Robert Smith, son of Frazer and Catriona was welcomed into the Church family through the sacrament of baptism.

Rosslyn reflected on the Bible reading from the gospel according to Mark:  Jesus tells his disciples that he is travelling to Jerusalem where he will be rejected by those he tries to save and will eventually face death.  Peter recognises Jesus as the Messiah and rebukes Jesus, knowing that he is powerful enough to prevent this from happening. Jesus replies “Get thee behind me Satan” Following his baptism, Jesus had been in the wilderness for forty days and nights and he resisted the worldly  temptations of Satan.  Now he faces Jerusalem, knowing he has the power to resist his fate there but he will choose God’s way and die for his people.

This was the second Sunday of ‘Creation Time’.  This is the time when we can all think of God our Creator and our rights and responsibilities as we live in his Creation. We were encouraged to consider those urban areas in every city where the poor live.  We have to see what needs to be done in those dark areas.  Make all areas, places where everyone understands that they are loved and are the people of God.

Jesus welcomed all.  God’s challenge to us is to care for those in our country who live in poverty and let them know that they are valued by God.


Thursday 17 September 7pm Flower Ministry: Meeting of the South Church Flower Group in the Conservatory.  Everyone is welcome.

Harvest 2015:

Sept 27 10.30am Harvest Praise at Dunnottar with Granite City Brass Ensemble.

              2.30pm Harvest service for elderly and housebound at St Bridget’s.

Oct 4   10.30 Harvest Thanksgiving at the South.

Gifts for Harvest Table welcome at all services: flowers and fresh produce for local community. Tinned and dried goods for the Cyrenians.


Web addresses:


Any intimations should be sent to the secretary and copied to the minister. or on 01569 760930

Minister or 01569 762166 or 07899878427




South Church linked with Dunnottar : 6 September 2015

‘Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here!’ The new session of Kids Praise provided a joyful opening to Rededication Sunday. There was lots of excited chatter about their barbecue last week, highlighting going into the woods and seeking out animals. Their enthusiasm linked really well with Rosslyn’s theme for today and the use of symbols. The dove symbolising peace allowed us all to learn in three distinct languages ‘sith’ ‘shalom’ ‘peace’, the blessing of being engaged positively in God’s world.

The readings from Mark 7, also symbolic, demonstrating that all people are capable of taking great steps in Faith, and encouraging us to approach Jesus for help even though personal Faith may at times require quite a degree of courage to move forward.

Surely a greater Power was at work today, linking our striving for Faith and the teaching of Jesus to the current plight of the refugees seeking sanctuary in the European Union. We were reminded that Jesus went out amongst the people irrespective of nationality, as indeed did St Francis, and they provide us with practical examples to follow; being actively supportive of those so much less fortunate than ourselves.

‘Through the eyes of a child’ is so much more than a hit song of the 70s, reminding us to constantly reaffirm our caring world with the enthusiasm and delight of youth.

Session meetings: South meeting at 7.30pm on 10th September in the Conservatory. Dunnottar meeting at 7pm on 16th September in the Upper Hall.

Tuesday 8th will see the first meeting of the Guild in St Bridget’s at 7.30pm.

Wednesday 9th from 2-4pm is the Rainbow Whist in St Bridget’s. Entry £2.

Monday 14th from 2-3pm is Bible Appreciation Group in St Bridget’s office.

Thursday 17th at 7pm is the meeting for the South Church Flower group in the Conservatory. Come and be involved.

Magazine deadlines: Autumn Southscene Sunday Sept. 13th. October Spotlight Thursday Sept. 17th.



South Church linked with Dunnottar

30 August 2015

Sun, sand and a Saviour made for some ‘Heavenly Hi-jinks at our ‘5th Sunday’ service at St Bridget’s. Speculation mounted as the congregation arrived to be greeted by deckchairs, sand, sea creatures and marvellous atmospheric birdsong.

The scene was set for our activities and, while we munched on fish-shaped biscuits, we were encouraged to build sandcastles, which were to be capped by flags of our own design revealing our own identities.

Cleverly, Rosslyn employed these fun activities to highlight the messages conveyed in her reflections. To build a people strong in Christ, we must first build on His inspiration never forgetting that he has always blessed and supported us all, even when we might not have been as faithful as we ought. It is incumbent upon us to dismiss remorse and regret – get past ourselves- refreshing ourselves with His loving Spirit and joy of being alive .

  • South Church Elders please note that the Session Meeting is postponed to Thursday 10th September at 7.30 in the Conservatory.

  • Next Sunday, the service will take place at the South Church with the theme of ‘Rededication’

  • Thursday 3rd September sees coffee at St Bridget’s in the morning from 10-11.30 and the Craft Group resuming for the new session in the afternoon from 2-4.

  • Magazines for both churches will be coming out soon as the deadline for articles is 13/9/15 for Southscene and 17/9/15 for Spotlight. Deadlines will be strictly adhered to!


23rd August 2015

  • With the Minister, Rev Rosslyn Duncan, on the last few days of a well-deserved holiday, morning worship last Sunday at Dunnottar Church was once again led by Mr Ian Wilson. Ian’s first reflection was about holidays. His message was that God never takes a holiday and no matter what we may be doing or where we may be, there will always be others who know and follow Jesus. We are all part of the world church. In his main address, Ian alluded to summer holiday reading which might comprise of easily read novels with many strands, ending neatly with a well-planned conclusion. On studying the readings from Joshua and John for last Sunday, and planning his address, he suggested there were four different pictures given. From each picture there arose a choice, a challenge and then a certainty. Joshua challenged the people to put away the gods of their ancestors and worship the Lord’. Jesus words to his disciples in john’s gospel were clear and challenging. The disciples were faced with a challenge, a choice and a certainty. The third picture allowed us to think about John, who wrote the Gospel. He remembered what Jesus said and contrasted this with how difficult a commitment could be for those who had suffered persecution. Ian finished his talk with today’s choices, challenges and our commitment, which may be different for different people. However, we have a certainty. We can read God’s word, we can pray. We can learn God’s truth and live knowing the Holy Spirit will guide us. He is the one who can help us face the challenges and choices of today.

  • Members of Dunnottar Church have been involved for many years in supporting the India Village Ministries (IVM) and one of the ways is in collecting odd change in “wee Hoosies” which are cardboard collection boxes shaped like houses. Money still keeps trickling in from these and in the first three months this year the total collected was £372, and in next quarter, £279 which is an encouraging amount, given that the boxes are mostly used to collect coppers and 5p, 10p and 20p pieces. Indian Village Ministries needs £20,000 to build a new boys dormitory at the orphanage so every penny counts!

  • Morning worship next Sunday is at St Bridget’s as it is the fifth Sunday in the month-usual time of 10.30am-all are welcome to come along.

South Church linked with Dunnottar


During Rosslyn’s leave, we were delighted, as always, to welcome Ian Wilson back to lead our service.

The chosen hymns were deeply evocative of the messages from Scripture and Ian’s sermon and these ranged from the deeply reflective ‘O God of Bethel’ to the rousing ‘I’ll go in the strength of the Lord’.

Which of us has not found it difficult to pray? Ian read to us from one of the 22 ‘Letters to Malcolm: chiefly on Prayer’ by C.S. Lewis, in which various challenging aspects of prayer were examined and considered. It was suggested we focus on our own individual reflections rather than being distracted into censuring others; by maintaining a positive focus we retain the intimacy of a one to one relationship with God.

The readings Ian took from Psalm 111 and the Gospel of John Chapter 6 remind us so strongly of the covenant made by God that we abide in God and He in us; that we are of Him and our strength comes from Him. We must constantly acknowledge and live by these tenets avoiding the more worldly, self-seeking approach. In Him we live for ever.

Ian will be leading the service again next week on 23rd August which will take place at Dunnottar Church and then we are praying that lots of you will want to be at St Bridget’s Hall on the 30th August for a service ‘with a difference’.

Dunnottar Session meets on 19th August at 7pm in the upper room.

South Session meets on 3rd September at 7.30pm in the Conservatory.



Dunnottar linked with South Sunday 9th August 2015


  • Morning worship in Dunnottar Church last Sunday was led by Ian Wilson as Rev Rosslyn Duncan is on holiday. In his reflection, he spoke about Jesus as the Bread of Life. Jesus’s words meant different things to different people and at different times. Jesus both gave bread to people to feed them and is the spiritual bread which we need. He is the giver of the gift and is also the gift itself. Our belief is possible because the all powerful and invisible God became incarnate in Christ. He was seen by human beings. Through his death and resurrection, God shows us who Jesus is and who He is. At the end of the service, tea and coffee were served at the end of the morning service in the Marischal Aisle, as is the custom during the summer months when morning worship is at Dunnottar Church.

  • On Monday afternoon of this week, the Bible appreciation group met for its monthly meeting in St Bridget’s. And on Thursday morning the Friendship Coffee group met as it does every week for tea, coffee and a “fine piece”. Neither of the groups takes a break over the summer months and a warm welcome is extended to anyone to go along to the Coffee group on a Thursday morning and enjoy the friendly chat!

  • This Saturday, 15th August, Dunnottar Church holds its annual summer sale in the Town Hall from 10am to 12 noon. There will be a range of stalls including home baking, books, DVD’s and CD’s, a £1 stall (no need to ask the price—everything is £1!!), toys, games and jigsaws, a colour stall –this year its red, white and blue-and a Match the numbers stall. Entry to the sale is by silver donation and once inside, after you have been round all the stalls, there is tea/coffee with pancakes and shortbread for £2.50 for adults and £1 for children. So make a point of dropping in to the Town Hall on Saturday morning!


Sunday 2nd August 2015 

Stonehaven South linked with Stonehaven Dunnottar
Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to a time of worship focusing on 'spiritual hunger'.  The congregation expressed a longing for God through singing 'As the deer pants for the water, so my soul longs after you.....the real joy-giver, my friend and my brother'.  Reflecting on the reading from Exodus, Rosslyn posed the question 'How often when we find life difficult do we make bargains with God and promise to be faithful to Him if He would just sort out our problems; yet when He does our memory of those promises becomes 'selective'.  So it was with God's people who complained to Moses and Aaron of their temporary hunger in the desert.  Egypt was better!!  They remembered being fed but forgot about the harshness and brutality of their treatment as slaves at the hands of their masters.  God does not forget; He remained faithful in His provision for the needs of His people.  He provided them with food each day  'manna' 'bread from heaven'.
When Jesus' disciples referred to the 'manna in the desert' our Lord told them not to work for food that perishes but for 'food that endures for eternal life'.  Does this mean that as seekers after the 'food that endures' we should think only of our spiritual life in heaven, and not concern ourselves with hunger and poverty in the world.  No, Jesus Himself is the Bread of Life, and eternal life in Him begins with us in this life being Christ-like in our feeding of the hungry and our caring for all God's children through prayer and through our practical giving to all those in need.  Worship was concluded with the congregation singing Samuel Stones' great hymn of affirmation 'The Church's one foundation is Jesus Christ her Lord'.
Worship next Sunday 9th August 1030 Dunnottar Church All Welcome.

Sunday 26th July 2015

Dunnottar linked with South Churches


Reverend Rosslyn Duncan warmly welcomed all to worship.  The focus of the message on Sunday was ‘Building Church: a community of power’.

A reading from The Second Book of Kings saw the prophet, Elisha, sharing the first-fruits offerings of food gifted to God with one hundred hungry people. They ate their fill yet there was food left over. This was a foreshadowing of the feeding of the 5000 by Jesus at the ‘place of the seven springs’. The people were reminded of  God’s goodness, provision and creativity. It prompted them to not only consider the wonder of God’s creation but also to look forward to the final banquet which they will share with Christ and the Saints in God’s Heavenly home.

It reminds us today of the might, power and love of God who wants to give us all we need.  He is worthy of all our praise.

The second reading came from the gospel according to John.  Throughout John’s gospel the greatness of Christ is revealed in many ways.  In today’s reading we hear of the disciples being afraid as they witness Jesus walking on water.

The two readings reveal how great God is.  This should be reflected in Church.  The Church is called to be bold, bright and to shine because of who our Creator is.  It encourages us to go out into God’s world and make changes in people’s lives in His power. 

Jesus said “It is I; be not afraid.”


Saturday 1 August: 10 am – 12 noon coffee morning at St Bridget’s in aid of Brain Tumour Research.  Tickets: Adult £2.50, Child/OAP: £1.50 includes tea/coffee or juice and a pancake.  Various stalls including a draw with celebrity signed items and a tombola with lots of prizes.


Saturday 15 August: 10 am – 12 noon Summer Sale in the Town Hall: entry by silver donation. Coffee/tea with pancakes and shortbread served £2.50 adults, £1 children, range of stalls.


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Any intimations should be sent to the secretary and copied to the Minister. 

Secretary contact: or on 01569 760930

Minister contact: or01569 762166 or 07899878427


Sunday 19th July 2015 at the South Church

  Reverend Rosslyn Duncan welcomed all to Worship.  Having asked the congregation to reflect on what makes a building special as a Worship space Rosslyn told us how unlike 'The Temple of the Lord' in the Old Testament the House of God today (as portrayed in Ephesians) focuses on a PERSON.  It is Christ who is the  'Sure Foundation, the Head and Corner Stone'.
 The reading from Mark's gospel told how Jesus encouraged His disciples to 'come away to a desert place to rest for a while.'  As a gathering of Christ's people we should do this for each other.   In so doing, we like Jesus' early disciples are able again to be with Christ in serving the World with compassion.  Christ, alone as Head of the Church is the person to whom the lost can turn.  He is the Good Shepherd of the sheep.
Worship next Sunday 26th July at 1030 Dunnottar Church Reverend Rosslyn Duncan All Welcome.
Saturday 15th August 1000-1200 Church Summer Sale  Stonehaven Town Hall Entry by donation, Teas and Coffee served £2.50 adult, £1.00 children.  Variety of stalls

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