10 June Worship at Dunnottar

  • Last Sunday worship at Dunnottar Church was led by South Church elder Elaine Craig. In her talk to the children, she began by asking if they were up for a challenge. When they agreed they were, Elaine invited each of them to choose from a selection of footwear she had brought with her. The challenge was to put on the footwear and walk round the church-no mean feat given that the shoes were Elaine’s and the children’s feet a lot smaller! Nevertheless, they managed to do so without incident but indicated that they would not have wanted to walk a longer distance! Elaine’s message was that in Sunday school they find out about Jesus from the stories they hear each week and learn to walk with Jesus. Just as they get new shoes as their feet grow bigger, so their learning will develop as they are able to understand more.

Mental Health Awareness week was last month and Elaine had invited Moira Hurry from Pillar Kincardine to speak in the first reflection as part of the service. Moira explained that Pillar is a small voluntary organisation based in Stonehaven, supporting people in and around Kincardine and the Mearns who are coping with serious emotional, social or mental health difficulties. They organise a range of groups, events and activities which introduces members to different ways of looking after their mental health and wellbeing, offers opportunities to meet new people from other organisations and community groups and to folk living in the area. It can be difficult for people to take the first step and contact Pillar but talking to people who have been through similar challenges can help people to talk about what they are feeling and experiencing, share suggestions for coping techniques, see that they're not the only person who has felt like this, increase self-esteem and confidence, give people a safety net to turn to at difficult times or if they are at risk of crisis, help people to find support that's right for them and help people feel more empowered about improving their own wellbeing. Moira’s message to the congregation was to ask them to spread the word about Pillar to help reduce the stigma that mental health as people with mental health problems say that the social stigma attached to mental ill health and the discrimination they experience can make their difficulties worse and make it harder to recover.

Elaine’s reflection was in 6 sections with the first letter of the keyword spelling the word which describes what we are in our Christian journey. The key words were we ask questions like Where are we, we are all looking for Answers, we all experience the isolation of Loneliness at life changing moments when having someone to Listen to us helps. We don’t Know all the answers to our questions but trust the route we are following, we should show Empathy as we Engage to others and through our Religion we look to have a Relationship with God. The letters spell WALKER, as we are all walkers with God and with our community.

Next Sunday 17th June, morning worship is at the South Church at 10.30am and all are welcome.

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