8th July

On Sunday, the service was led by Ros Marshall who is part of the Worship Team.   After the welcome and notices, Ian Wilson and Alan Cairnduff announced that a total of £2017 had been collected for Indian Village Ministries, of which £1860 was raised by Ian through being sponsored to run the Stonehaven Half Marathon last Sunday.  A massive thank you was given to everyone who contributed to this magnificent total.  Fund raising for the boys’ dormitory at the orphanage is still ongoing as they still have a lot to do.

A short drama sketch from “Seen God Lately?” written by Richard Adams was performed by John Balsillie and Donald McRae, which was very entertaining but, unfortunately, not an Oscar winning performance!

Readings from Mark 6 v1-13 and 2 Corinthians 12 v6-10 were read by Eileen Sim, which told us of Jesus returning to Nazareth and not being recognised. We have all experienced leaving home and returning to realise we have changed and so have the people we left.

God tells us that He is the Way, the Truth and the Light and that His Grace is all we need. He invites us all to follow in his Faith but would never force us to do so.

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