Carronside Worship at Dunnottar

At Carronside Church our Sunday Morning service was led by Mr. Donald McRae who warmly welcomed all to Worship.  Our first song of praise "O Jesus I have promised" gave members those moments of reflection as they pondered that life-long journey of Christian service, a journey throughout which we have that assurance of Christ as the "true guardian of our souls" walking with us "to the end."


Donald had a very special word of welcome for the children as he moved forward to speak with them, showing them a very special poster with the letters V.I.P. visibly displayed for all to see. With some prompting the children were able to tell him that those letters stood for Very Important Person.  The children then gave Donald examples of Very Important People including those whose occupations allow us to lead happy healthy lives. The children then promised they would make a list of VIPs for him at their children's class and bring it to him at the end of the service. Donald then assured us that in the Bible we can read how Jesus considers us all to be VIPs because we are all known to God and loved by Him as His own dear children. We dwelt on this amazing truth as we sang Scriven's famous hymn "What a Friend we have in Jesus" - a hymn which encourages us to spend time in prayer knowing with certainty that "Jesus knows our every weakness and that we can take all things to Him.


Our prayers of intercession were led by Mrs Paterson and Mr Pollard read the scripture lessons from the Book of Isaiah and from St Matthew's Gospel. The gospel message gave an account of our Lord's Baptism in the Jordan.


Donald commenced his sermon by mentioning a date a few decades ago in the history of the church and posed the question "Which of you know the significance of that particular date?" It seemed that nobody in the congregation could recall the significance of the date mentioned but we did assume it must have been a very important day - probably when some V.I.P. was visiting 


- and the name of this V.I.P. was soon to be revealed to the congregation as no other than DONALD at that time the youngest member of the McRae family - at the time receiving the Sacrament of Baptism. And it indeed was an important date for an important person - for on that date several years ago members of Christ Church here in this venue acknowledged the importance of the child before them and promised to seek to nurture him in the faith of Christ. So today and every day when someone receives the sacrament of baptism it is a special day for that person - for they like Donald and the rest of God's family are precious in His sight - valued and loved for all eternity.


Of course, infants may be baptised by eminent members of the clergy, people considered to be VIPs, but Donald reminded us how Jesus' own baptism was performed by John, a very humble man, yet through this act the person of Jesus the Messiah was revealed to the world "This is My Beloved Son, hear Him".


Our worship concluded with Sydney Carter's famous hymn "One more step along the world I go" - a hymn encouraging us to that onward journey of faith travelling alongside our Lord.


Next Sunday 2nd February 1030 Morning Worship - Sacrament of Holy Communion South Church


Sunday 9th February 1030 Morning Worship - Dunnottar Dr Ibidun Daramola


Thursday 30th January 1000-1130 Friendship Coffee St Bridget's Hall


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