Carronside Worship at South on 16th February

On Sunday at Carronside worship was conducted b Mrs Hazel Paterson with Mrs Pollard reading lessons from scripture and Mrs Marshall leading our prayers of intercession. Hazel warmly welcomed us all to the service expressing her gratitude to Mrs Craig for her choice of rousing hymns of praise. Worship commenced with "Meekness and Majesty" focusing our thoughts on the miracle of Christ's incarnation and how this leads us to "bow down and worship .. this our God".


While speaking with Kasey and Ryan, Hazel showed them two flowerpots - one containing a beautiful healthy flower - the other containing a withered plant. She then asked them about looking after plants and also gave them two new flowerpots, some soil and seeds for them to plant at home - then we all reflected on how plants must start with a solid basis (healthy soil) and then be nourished with water and loving kindness in order to grow and thrive. So it is with our lives with Jesus - we grow and thrive because our foundation is His Word and we are nourished by His Love. We then sang "All things bright and beautiful " reflecting on God's wonderful creation sustained by His Love.


In her sermon Hazel developed the themes of life, nurture and growth. In the book of Deuteronomy Moses puts two options to the people - either choose God's path - a path of love and obedience leading to life, prosperity and blessing - or turn aside from God's commandments leading to that downward path of disobedience, destruction and death. Hazel reminded us how the planting of seeds of the Christian faith and the nurturing of the same have been assigned to God's servants throughout the ages starting with such early servants as Paul and Apollos - but although these men worked in "God's field" - it was God Himself who provides the essential nourishment for that growth in faith. The foundation of our faith today is as sound as was then - the firm foundation of Christ's sacrificial love and eternal care. 


Worship concluded with Samuel Stone's famous hymn of assurance "The Church's one foundation is Jesus Christ our Lord.


Next Sunday 23rd February 1030 Morning Worship Dunnottar Church


Thursday 20th February 1000-1130 Friendship Coffee St Bridget's Hall

                                        1400-1800 Craft Group South Conservatory

                                         1930-2130 Badminton St Bridget's Hall


Saturday 14th March 1000-1200 Stonehaven Caronside Spring Sale and Coffee Morning St Bridget's Hall

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