Communion 1st July

It was great to welcome the Reverend Fyfe Blair to celebrate Communion with us at this morning’s service, which was led by our Interim Moderator David Galbraith.

Our praise today was orchestrated by guest organist David Sell, ably supported by Fyfe who made an excellent musical contribution accompanying the action song on guitar, encouraging even the most timid amongst us to join in.

David addressed not only the children but everyone in the congregation as children of God when he identified the frustration and impatience that his young grandchildren experienced waiting for an event to come to pass. He asked if we ever felt so angry and uncomprehending. A brief pause and there were many nods of agreement as he went on to explain that, just as the children had someone to turn to in the form of a parent or grandparent when they felt totally exasperated, so we have God to turn to who in his own way knows us, cuddles us and comforts us when we need it.

In his sermon this morning, Fyfe highlighted the word ‘separation’. The reading from Psalm 43 identified the distance, the isolation that can be felt from God. The Psalmist strained to find God at a time when he was really struggling and the evocative Hebrew word “Shachach”  was used to describe not just being downcast, ‘down in the dumps’ but feeling your soul is sinking. An evocative word picture! Finding a way to deal with this distance as the psalmist did, brought to us the word ‘Hamah’ which means making a commotion – as people so often do when we struggle to feel connections with our heavenly Father. But oh the joy we feel when we can punch the air with ‘Yadah’, as a celebratory response to God for all He has done for us.

Our language learning enhanced, our understanding improved, Communion was celebrated in very positive style. God is with us!

On Thursday from 10-11.30 am come and have coffee and a chat at St Bridget’s.

8th July, 10.30am Sunday service will be at Dunnottar.      

Also on 8th July at 2pm at St James Church, Arbuthnott Street is a concert by Granite City Community Band and Hornmusikklager EKKO. Well worth a visit, to be sure.                          

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