Harvest Worship 7th October

On our 1st Sunday in October, we were led by Elaine Craig for a rousing Harvest Praise with music provided by the Granite City Brass Band.

Elaine certainly gave us a great choice of hymns for our big sing to celebrate Harvest, which encouraged our congregation to challenge the cold and damp morning.

Our new locum, Mrs Ibidun Daramola was introduced to the congregation by our Session Clerk. Ibi will do two Sundays a month and two days a week in Pastoral Support.

Elaine in her Call to Worship, quoted from a poem by Sarojini Naidu, the `Nightingale of India`.

In her Children`s Address, Elaine talked about Salt and its many diverse uses. In the Bible, we learn from Christ that salt adds flavour to our lives and enhances our depth of character. As we are an Eco Congregation doing our bit for recycling, we are following the example Jesus set us to be the ‘salt’ which adds flavour to the world around us.

Elaine had confessed to having taken a sneaky peak at the work done by Kids Praise for Harvest and encouraged the children to come forth and describe how they made their creations. We were amazed at what you can create from the fruits and vegetables grown in our gardens. The Prayer of Thanksgiving by Kids Praise included all their favourite food. Their answers did remind us of others less fortunate in having access to sustaining nourishment.

The readings were from Proverbs 1: Wisdom Calls and James 3: Faith and Wisdom, Poverty and Riches which gave us the basis of Elaine`s reflection about the Famous Five:

Discipleship, Service, Integrity, Hope and Wisdom: these gifts are ours to nurture and impart to future generations. If we choose to embrace the many challenges which face our world then these serve as key elements to guide us.

In her Prayer of Intercession, Carol gave thanks to our Lord for the abundance of food from the land and the sea as well as an appreciation of the stunning  visual beauty/diversity of autumnal colours which bring joy to our hearts.

Our farmers and fishermen have, despite the vagaries of the weather, manage to meet our needs. They are our Salts of the earth and sea. Our politicians and governments and those throughout the world need to heed the Famous Five when presented with disasters such as that in Indonesia and those not so fortunate at home. Wise words in this Harvest Prayer.

Our service closed with the Benediction from Ibi and a sung Blessing in Praise of Our God the Father.

Flowers and Posies, done by Sheena Brewster and the Craft Group, were being distributed to those in our congregation who could not be there for many a reason.

The Gift Day has so far raised £1655.

Next Sunday, 14th October, Communion will be celebrated at 10.30am in Dunnottar Church and at 2.30pm in St. Bridget`s. All welcome to join us.

Shoe Box Appeal: find a shoe box and fill with items. Don’t know what to get? Then contact Eileen Sim at Dunnottar Church (Details in Spotlight).


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