South Church with Dunnottar

29 April 2018

Someone famous once said we should ‘expect the unexpected’! Would anyone have expected to sing a Christmas carol at the end of April? Well, we did and it wasn’t Ray our organist for the St Bridget’s service teasing us, it was Rosslyn accepting the challenge to cover the Christian year in one service. That being the case, our first hymn was ‘Once in Royal David’s City’ which spoke of the baby Jesus arriving in our world. Swiftly we moved on past the childhood years to Jesus calling his disciples expressed by the hymn ‘When Jesus saw the fishermen’. ‘All heaven declares’ represented the joy of Easter.

Have you ever found yourself compared to a bowl of fruit? Congregations may appear as separate items of fruit, each remaining within the same predictable sphere. The alternative, suggested by Rosslyn is that we should aim to be like a fruit salad, a lovely mixture not afraid to mix, surrounded by the gentle sweetness of God’s love.

To engage with the reading from John 15, which represents Jesus as the true vine, we were given the task of writing prayer topics on multi-coloured leaves of paper which will be fixed to a tree of life both at South and Dunnottar. One topic is based on thankfulness and one is based on our hopes for the future. As one might expect, there was a lot of hilarity involved in that task. We reached Pentecost with ‘Spirit of God unseen as the wind’ to the tune of the Skye Boat Song before the service drew to a conclusion with that wonderful hymn ‘How great Thou art’.

A citation was read out to both congregations regarding Rosslyn’s demission and this will form part of Presbytery business at the next meeting on 1st May.

This was Rosslyn’s last 5th Sunday service and next Sunday, the service at the South will be her last as our full-time minister. There will be a baptism at this service.

The services through May will alternate as expected with the 6th and 20th at the South and 13th and 27th at Dunnottar.

May 3 - Thursday coffee will be at St Bridget’s 10-11.30am. Craft Group will be in South Conservatory 2-4pm.

May 4 - Lunch club at St Bridget’s 12.30pm £5


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