This was the Harvest Festival service and donations of tinned and dried goods, supermarket gift cards and E-vouchers, which were received will go to support the work of the Cyrenians in Aberdeen. Fresh fruit and vegetables were distributed locally. David asked the Sunday school children to tell him where the produce came from. Some was local to the UK and other items come from abroad. He said that September is Creation month. God created the world in which we live and shows his love for us by enabling us to grow the food we need.

Sunday was also the launch of the annual Blythswood shoebox appeal and a short film showed the happy reaction of some of the recipients in Eastern Europe when thy received a box. This is the 25th year of the Shoebox scheme and Dunnottar Church has been involved for the past 15 years. It is hoped to exceed last year’s total of 110 shoeboxes. More information can be found on the Blythswood website www.blythswood.org.

The theme of David’s reflection was Paying attention to God. Sometimes people pay more attention to what they are going to say next rather than listening to others. We should remember that we have two ears but only one mouth! Sometimes we do listen to someone talking but don’t understand the message. The disciples were like that with what Jesus said. They didn’t understand the message that he was trying to give them until after his death and Resurrection. We need to think about what God is saying to us that we are not taking on board. We need to think about why we are planning to take some course of action, then how, then what we are going to do. Often we start with the ‘what’ because that is easier. David related this to the current vacancy situation of Dunnottar linked with South and the positive start which has been made to dealing with the vacancy process with the two Kirk Sessions thinking hard about a common vision for the future – what we want the parish to become and how we think we might achieve that. Mrs Ibidun (Ibi) Daramola, who comes from Nigeria, is just completing her probation period to be a minister in the Church of Scotland and will be joining Dunnottar linked with South as a locum minister on the first two Sundays each month and also undertaking 2 days of pastoral work each week while she waits for a call to her first parish.

* On Sunday afternoon, the annual service for the Housebound and Elderly was held in St Bridget’s and was led by Dunnottar Church Elder, Donald McRae. Following the short service of harvest worship, those present enjoyed afternoon tea.

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