Worship at Carronside South

At Carronside on Sunday we were blessed with the ministry of Mrs Hazel Paterson who led us in worship and our service commenced with the hymn "Crown Him with many crowns, the Lamb upon the throne". Our lessons from scripture were read by Mr Wisely and Mrs Marshall led the Prayers of Intercession.


In her address to the children Hazel drew on the message form Matthew's gospel concerning the Temptation of Jesus. She asked them 'Have there been times when you came home from school and seeing something nice to eat like an apple or some sweets you wanted to eat them right away even although Mum and dad said 'No your dinner I nearly ready'. the children could readily identify with this and admitted there were times when they fell into temptation thinking Mum and Dad wouldn't find out but, f course, Mum and Dad did, they themselves had experienced the same temptations. Hazel told the children it was OK to be tempted because he Bible tells us even Jesus was tempted - but Jesus resisted temptation. We can also resist temptation particularly if we ask Jesus to help us just as the old hymn says "Ask the Saviour to help you … He will carry you through.


We reflected further on Jesus Temptation as we sang the hymn for Lent "Forty days and forty nights, Thou wast fasting in the wild". In her sermon Hazel dew our attention to the details of the Genesis story of the Fall of Humankind as well as the details of Matthew's account of the Redemption of Humanity through the Incarnation of our Lord.  In Genesis temptation was personified through the crafty serpent's words to Eve to suggest that it was OK to eat the forbidden fruit and Adam and Eve's actions represent the origin of sin - sin as disobedience to the will of God. The example of Jesus as recorded by St Matthew do give us encouragement to prevent ourselves falling into temptation, even although this can often be a hard struggle but one on which we can depend on God's help. In conclusion with the help of a poem Hazel read, we reflected not only on resisting the desire to do something we knew to be wrong, but also to resist the desire to seek comfort and ease rather than listening to the voice of Christ - a voice telling us His path is the path of sacrificial giving and we are called to give of our time, talents and money to the needs of this broken world. 


Worship was concluded with Fosdick's hymn "God of grace and God of glory" - a prayer for courage and wisdom as we continue on our Christian pilgrimage.


Next Sunday 8th March 1030 Morning Worship Dunnottar Church


Sunday 15th March 1030 Morning Worship South Church - Songs of Praise


Thursday 5th March 1000-1130 Fellowship Coffee St Bridget's Hall

                                  1400-1600 Craft Group South Conservatory

                                  1930-2130 Badminton St Bridget's Hall


Friday 6th March 1830 World Day of Prayer


Saturday 14th March 1000-1200 Spring Sale and Coffee Morning t Bridget's Hall

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