Worship at Dunnottar 22 July

On Sunday 22nd July worship at Dunnottar Church was led by Ian Wilson with Hazel Paterson reading the lessons and leading the prayers of intercession. Worship commenced with the rousing hymn 'Ye gates lift up your heads on high'.


The reflection 'Words from a shop doorway' told of how a young man, down on his luck attempting to engage in conversation with a passer-by who completely ignored him. Is common humanity not sufficient reason to communicate with others? Where has compassion gone?  With these thoughts uppermost in our minds we sang Sydney Carter's popular song 'When I needed a neighbour were you there?'


The theme of the Sermon, 'Shepherds and Sheep' was based on the reading from Jeremiah, the weeping prophet who realised how the people's sin would lead to disaster.  The kings, those shepherds of God's flock, had failed miserably in their role …. the inevitable result being God's judgement …. King Zedekiah taken into exile in Babylon after witnessing the death of all his sons by the sword. Nevertheless, Jeremiah had a message of hope- a hope that shepherd kings who faithfully cared for God's flock would become a reality again. This hope materialised  in 538BC when King Cyrus of Persia issued the edict for the rebuilding of the Temple at Jerusalem and the return from exile of God's people  The message of hope became a message for the world in that ultimate fulfilment of that righteous branch Jesus the Promised King and saviour of the World.


Worship concluding in singing 'King of glory, king of peace'

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