Worship at Dunnottar church 11th August

On Sunday as the congregation of Stonehaven Carronside met for Morning Worship they were welcomed with immense enthusiasm and spiritual joy by Dr Ibidun Daramola who led our devotions. Our service opened with 'Praise to the Lord, the Almighty the King of Creation', Neander's beautiful hymn which apart from expressing that deep need to praise our Maker also gives that blessed assurance that our Lord's "goodness and mercy shall daily attend "us.


In her address to God's children Ibi explored with us the adventure of searching for and finding treasure. The memories of reading "Treasure Island" as young children and the experience of the fun of taking part in a treasure hunt were very precious in themselves and the actual treasure at the end was of minor significance in comparison. However, in this message to the children Ibi introduced us to that central issue of our faith expressed in Jesus' words 'where your treasure is there will your heart be also'.


The scripture readings from the prophet Isaiah and the gospel of Luke were read by Jennifer MacDonald and Elaine Craig led our prayers of thanksgiving and intercession. The choir then led the congregation in the hymn 'Oh for a closer walk with God' which expressed the prayerful desire to return to God and to devote our whole being in worship of Him.

"The dearest idol I have known,

whate'er that idol be,

help me to tear it from Thy throne,

and worship only Thee'


In her address to the congregation Ibi concentrated our thoughts on Jesus message from Luke's gospel … the message of pursuing the treasure of heaven since our hearts will always be focused on what we most treasure. The treasures of the Kingdom of Heaven far surpasses all other treasures and those treasures last for ever since we are already by God's grace 'heavenly creatures' spiritual beings made by God and redeemed by the precious blood of Jesus and ultimately can only be true to ourselves in the relationship of fellowship with our Heavenly Father. With a focus on the treasures of the Kingdom the desire of living that spiritual life which allows God's love to be shared by all around becomes evident as we care for the people of our parish. Although pursuing the treasure of the Kingdom necessitates the sacrifice of all other desires we may have, nevertheless we have that assurance that God knows our needs and "all else will be added" to us. Reflecting back on our reading from Isaiah which spoke of the Israelites' practices of sacrifice and religious ritual (which did not find favour with the Almighty), emphasised just how much the focus of God's people must be the right relationship of fellowship with God, of walking in His ways, seeking good, seeking justice and caring for the vulnerable.


Our worship concluded with the hymn of St Francis of Assisi "Make me a channel of Your peace", a fitting prayer as we moved from the stillness of the sanctuary into the busy world ready to serve our community in Christ's name.


Next Sunday 18th August 1030 Morning Worship at South


Thursday 15th August 1000-1130 Fellowship Coffee St Bridget's Hall


Saturday 17th August 1000-1200 Summer Sale and Coffee Morning St Bridget's Hall

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