Worship at Dunnottar on 25th August

On Sunday 25th August our Local Preacher, Mrs Elaine Craig, warmly welcomed everyone to worship.

Addressing the children, she asked if they had done anything new or challenging over summer. Receiving a variety of interesting responses, she told them the bible story of a lady who was challenged every day by being so bent over, most of the time she could only see her feet. Jesus noticed not her affliction, but her very strong faith that showed she knew Jesus could heal her.

Elaine explained that when our two churches united it showed others that our faith was strong and the union was to be like flying a kite which would fly high to honour God.

Showing the children the Carronside Kite which carried the Lord’s Prayer, she challenged the children to come up with some ideas to help continue to make our church faithful to God.

In her later reflection, and based on the passage from Isaiah chapter 58, Elaine spoke of Isaiah keeping his people faithful by pointing them to the Ten Commandments. They thought simply by doing what they were told that God was at their disposal.

In contrast, in the passage from Luke chapter 13, Jesus faced wrath from the religious leaders when he healed a woman on the Sabbath.

The Sabbath was strictly a day on which no work of any sort could be done. Jesus pointed out the anomaly of caring for animals on the Sabbath but expecting a daughter of Abraham to wait for another day for healing.

Elaine finished her reflection by suggesting we look at Jesus’ compassion for the woman he healed and that we concentrate on spending some quiet time with God regularly. For us the Sabbath and all it entails is not just a day but more importantly, a state of mind.

As the service ended, the children arrived from their time upstairs waving new coloured kites showing faith hope and love in their drawings.

Next Sunday, 1st September, our service will be held in South church at the usual time of 10.30.

Wednesday 28th at 7pm Carronside session meets in the Upper Room in Dunnottar church.

Thursday 29th from 10-11.30 weekly Friendship coffee will be in St Bridget’s.


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