Carronside Church Worship at Dunnottar

As Dr Ibidun Daramola welcomed the gathered congregation of Stonehaven Carronside we were blessed with such a beautiful day, a gift from Almighty God which indeed inspired the hearts of both preacher and congregation in joy and thanksgiving. Worship began with the congregation singing Chisholm's lovely hymn 'Great is Thy faithfulness, O God my Father' celebrating the grace and faithfulness of God in all times and circumstances of our lives, thus providing all our needs for today as well as our "bright hopes for tomorrow".


In her address to the children Ibi posed the question "Do we at times find it difficult to pray, being sometimes uncertain what we should say to God?" When we find this it is good to be still for a moment, place our hands together in readiness and while we do this we recognise our thumbs are in that position of our bodies closest to our hearts. This reminds us first of all to pray for those who are closest to us - our family and friends. Secondly, we see our forefinger, the finger we use for pointing things out, for indicating a direction. This reminds us to pray for those who point us in the right direction for our lives - our pastors and teachers in the faith. Thirdly, we see our middle finger, the tallest of our fingers, reminding us to pray for those in power who tower above us in the world's eyes - these people need our prayers as they face decisions in government and our institutions that they may be mindful of the will of God. Our ring finger, the weakest of all the fingers should remind us to pray for those who are vulnerable and whom we know may be helped by our prayers, our kindness and our giving.  Lastly our small finger remind us that just as at times we can feel small and insignificant God cares and listens as we pray for ourselves.


Our scripture readings from Psalm 82 and Colossians chapter 1 were read by Mrs Ros Marshall and Mrs Hazel Paterson while Mrs Elaine Craig delivered the Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession.


Following the hymn "Come Thou Fount of every blessing", Dr Daramola addressed the congregation on Paul's letter to the Colossians, a letter which has a very poignant message for us at Carronside in 2019 just as it had for Colossae in the first century. Unlike the churches of Galatia which had come into being as the fruit of Paul's missionary zeal in that area, Colossae was a Church which had come into being through God's grace and the faithful preaching of Epaphras, who Paul refers to as his 'beloved fellow-servant' and 'faithful minister of Christ'. Paul wrote his encouraging letter to Colossae while he and Timothy were in prison. From the prison cell Paul writes how at that he and Timothy are constantly giving thanks to God and praying for God's Church  … the work of Christ amongst people being constantly supported by those prayers being offered by the servants of God presently hindered by imprisonment. As we face the future of Carronside we need to remember above everything that God is a faithful God, who will lead us in our journey as we constantly meet together to pray for His Church and for the world and where we meet to read His message which in the scriptures. Our faithfulness in prayer and study will indeed bring forth the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our midst as we continue in thanksgiving for that great assurance from verse 13 "He has rescued us from the power of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of His Son"


Worship concluded with the congregational hymn "O Jesus I have promised to serve You to the end".


Next Sunday 21st July 1030 Morning Worship is at South Church. Tea/Coffee will be service in the Hall following the service.


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