Worship at South 15th July

Our service on Sunday was led by our firm favourite, Ian Wilson and Gordon Cooper was our talented guest organist.

After resolving a minor technical hitch (Note to self: remember to switch on ALL the sound system), our service opened with the well-known hymn ‘All my hope on God is founded’.

Ian’s first reflection was entitled ‘God’s Greatest Desire’ and told the story of a flight spent by a traveller seated next to an adoring parent, who revelled in showing pictures of the exploits of his very young son. His first step, his first word were the repeated focus of his fond recollections – less so to his neighbour. To that same neighbour however came the revelation that that doting parent represented the love of our Father, the one who is always there for each of us, watching everything we do with a loving, caring eye. The unsuspecting might get a bit fed up of it but not God and his infinite patience. He is always there for us.

The second reflection centred on the story of the death of John the Baptist, which was presented in dramatized form by a cast of thousands, well, Ian, Donald and the choir. The message from this narrative was that Herod could not renege on his word, before all his guests. He had to give Salome whatever she asked for. In the same way in the Book of Judges, Jephthah promised that if he was successful in battle, on his return, he would give the first person to come out of his house as a sacrifice. Tragically he could not betray his word when it was his only child, his daughter, who appeared to welcome him home. So we need to think carefully before we open our mouths. Making an oath is a weighty commitment with untold consequences. No fake news to twist things around!

Ian extended his personal thanks as well as those of Indian Village Ministries for the wonderful support he received in his sponsored ‘Stoney Half’. The total has now reached a staggering £1860.

Thursday morning coffee continues over the summer at St Bridget’s – 10-11.30am. You’re all very welcome.

The next Nursing Home service will be at Mowat Court on 25th July at 2pm.

See you on the 22nd at Dunnottar at 10.30am.

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