Worship at South on 20th January

Our service was led today by the inspirational team of South Church member Ian Wilson and the introit from the choir ‘Praise, I will praise You, Lord’ was a major clue that the gifted David Sell was our organist.

There was definitely an air of celebration as Ian’s questions elicited, as always, quick responses from the young people of Kids Praise. First they helped to complete a poster which celebrated the Nativity play they presented in December and followed that with a lengthy list of ‘reasons to celebrate’ ranging from birthdays to Christmas to anniversaries and all points in between. This activity directed the congregation to the readings from 1 Corinthians and St John 2 where we found that the celebrations, as introduced by Ian, would centre on weddings. What’s special about weddings?  Particularly what is the significance of the wedding in Cana? Did you know that it was a double wedding? Not a lot of people know that.

 In our pan drop moments today, Ian revealed that not only was it the wedding of a young Jewish couple, related to Mary, mother of Jesus. Not only did this wedding acknowledge the presence of God. Not only was this where Jesus performed his first miracle by changing water into wine, it was also the union of Christ with His church. The symbolism of the wedding being on the third day was revealed in its relationship to Christ rising from the dead on the third day after His crucifixion. What a lot we learned today! We really must celebrate!

Next Sunday 27th January, Communion will be celebrated at the morning service at Dunnottar.

3rd February the service will be at the South.

Thursday 24th January, Friendship coffee from 10-11.30 at St Bridget’s hall; Craft group is from 2-4pm in the South conservatory and Badminton will be from 7.30-9.30 at St Bridget’s.

Friday 1st February the lunch club will be on at St Bridget’s starting at 12.30.

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