Worship at South

On Sunday morning, worship at Carronside Church was led by our gifted local preacher Mrs Hazel Paterson who greeted us warmly as she welcomed the congregation to worship. The service commenced with Oxenham's great hymn celebrating universal Christian love and fellowship "In Christ there is no east or west".  In her address to the children she asked if they enjoyed visiting elderly relatives and then related a tale of a young boy's experience of visits to his elderly aunt and the one eyed porcelain cat which always had pride of place in her home. His experience was one of distaste and fear as he felt the cat was always looking at him in a very threatening way. The children loved the story and Hazel told them our how God looks over us at all times but with kind and compassionate eyes desiring always the best for us His children.


Our prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession were led by Mr McRae and Miss DeJonckheere read scripture lessons from 2 Thessalonians and the gospel of St Luke. Hazel's message to the congregation was entitled "Pulling your weight" and focused on Paul's letter to the Thessalonians where he exhorts his readers to keep away from believers who live in idleness. Paul and his companions Silvanus and Timothy provided a clear example of working hard simultaneously preaching the good news of the Kingdom while supporting themselves with their physical labour. This is what he calls the Thessalonians to do and indeed is a lesson for us in Christ's Church  today. We are all called to be workers in our Lord's vineyard (not merely to enjoy its fruits) and may our prayers mirror the prayer of Dr Livingstone "God send me anywhere, only go with me - Lay any burden on me, only sustain me. And sever any tie in my heart except the tie that binds my heart to Yours". For indeed as Hazel reminded us we have that assurance from our Lord "Lo I am with you always even to the end of the age". This challenge to devote our energy for working for Christ's Kingdom vibrated again in our hearts as we joined in singing "I the Lord of sea and sky ….. whom shall I send" as we responded in song "Here I am Lord, send me"


Worship was brought to a close as we sang "May God's blessing surround you each day …. go in peace, go in joy, go in love"


Next Sunday 24th November 1030 Morning Worship


Sunday 8th December 1600 Nine Lessons and Carols St Bridget's Hall


Thursday 21st November 

                            1000-1130 Friendship Coffee St Bridget's Hall

                             1400-1600 Craft Group South Conservatory

                             1930-2130 Badminton St. Bridget's Hall


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