Worship in South on 19th January 2020

This week’s varied and thought-provoking service was led by Local Preacher Hazel Paterson .

The service opened with an appropriate introit from the choir offering ‘Praise to the Almighty, King of Creation’ accompanied by organist and choirmaster David Sell. Hazel opened her talk to the young people with a ‘blast from the past’, reminding us of an advert in which someone demonstrated their commitment to the one of their dreams by sharing something special - offering them their last much-loved Rolo. The children were eager to advise Hazel about the things they liked allowing Hazel to skilfully reveal that they can and do share so many things with their friends and family; not only things to eat but also secrets and surprises. Most importantly we can all share the good news that they learn about Jesus in church on a Sunday. Today’s reflection came in two parts. Initially, a dialogue based on the Lord’s Prayer in which we hear the Lord’s Prayer being said as a regular daily duty which is interrupted by God, slowing the automatic phrases down to question and explain the words of the well-known prayer. It did give the congregation ‘food for thought’, as the meaning of the words was questioned.

Using the readings from 1 Corinthians 1 and John 1, Hazel told us some of the ways the disciples engaged with Jesus and formed a strong bond. John the Baptist had been told that a dove would come down after he baptised Jesus and it was only then that he realised who he was. It was significant that Simon Peter and Andrew followed Jesus, asking where he lived and spent many hours with him. They spoke with him in person and in depth. We were then asked how much time we spend in getting to know Him, not in person but through prayer and reading the messages contained in the Bible.

Next Sunday the service will be held in Dunnottar Church at the usual time of 10.30am.

Communion will be held on 2nd February in South Church again at 10.30am.

Activities have resumed after the Christmas break and include:

Monday: Kilwhang Ringers at St Bridget’s at 10am

Tuesday: Bowling at St Bridget’s 2-4pm

Thursday: Friendship Coffee 10-11.30  St Bridget’s; Craft Group South Conservatory 2-4pm; Badminton 7.30-9.30 St Bridget’s.

Remember to submit a favourite hymn request for the Songs of Praise service on 15th March. The box for requests is at the church door.

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