Worship led at Dunnottar Church

The Joy of the Lord was so keenly felt by the congregation as Dr Ibidun Daramola warmly welcome us to Morning Worship and our service commenced with Henry Lyte's adaption of Psalm 103 "Praise my soul the King of Heaven to His feet thy tribute bring". In her address to the children Ibi asked them what "smart" meant bringing responses of "nicely dressed", "clever" and "witty". However, the answer to Ibi's second question "what does wise mean" was a bit more difficult but there seemed to be a consensus that it included putting facts (such as those which could be obtained on the internet) to a practical purpose or being able to use the information obtained. We then joined in song singing praise to the source of all wisdom "Immortal, invisible, God only wise".


Our Prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession were led by Mr McRae and Mrs Paterson read the scripture lessons from the Book of Psalms and Paul's First Letter to Corinth. Ibi entitled her sermon "God's Wisdom" in which she reminded us of wisdom's true meaning first expressed by the Psalmist as "fear of the Lord and the delight in His commandments" and then by St Paul in his letters. In his message to the Corinthian Church and indeed the message for us today Paul's preaching was not based on philosophical arguments or rhetoric  - the wisdom of the world - but rather focused on his own weakness which was being transformed into Heavenly Wisdom by God's Almighty Power. God's Grace and Wisdom is made known to us all by the transforming power of His Holy Spirit - this Wisdom although incomprehensible to our human understanding can only be known through Christ's transformation of our whole being in Worship and Obedience to His Divine Will. Worship was concluded with the beautiful Irish prayer asking for that indwelling of God's Spirit within our hearts "Be Thou my vision, O Lord of my heart ……...be Thou my Wisdom, Thou my true Word".


Next Sunday 16th February 1030 Morning Worship at South Church ALL WELCOME


Sunday 23rd February 1030 Morning Worship at Dunnottar


Thursday 13th February 1000-1130 Friendship Coffee St Bridget's Hall

                                        1400-1600 Craft Group South Conservatory 

                                         1930-2130 Badminton St Bridget's Hall


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