Worship on 09 September 2018



  •  Last Sunday, worship at Dunnottar Church was led by Rev Fyfe Blair as there was a baptism during the service. Fyfe introduced the concept of baptism by asking the Sunday school children about what we do with a seed. He got the answer that we plant it. If it is in the right environment, it will grow and flourish. The seed of God’s word is planted in us through baptism. John the Baptist used water for baptism. Water symbolises watering the seed. We use water to clean with and the symbolism is that we are cleansed of all that’s dark and dirty. When we light the baptismal candle, it symbolises the light of Christ in the world. Fyfe then baptised Logan Ian George, son of Kyle and Ashley Forbes.

The title of Fyfe’s sermon was True Security in which he talked about the parable of the rich fool.

He began by talking about doughnuts with their hole in the middle which can be filled with numerous fillings such as jam and cream and recalled songs by Rob Evans, an American Christian children's songwriter and performer best known for his performances as The Donut Man. He is called the Donut Man in reference to one of his first songs that included the line "Life without Jesus is like a donut; there's a hole in the middle of your heart".

Fyfe spoke about the various things with which we load up our lives. Some people collect things but this can become an obsession which may overtake a person’s life and their pocket. We have a tendency to fill our lives with” stuff” which we have difficulty getting rid of. The world and the culture in which we live tends to encourage people to focus on their rights and their demands for what they believe s rightfully theirs. We keep grabbing after things in an attempt to reach the point where we have enough to be content and feel secure. A search for security is because we are basically anxious .. about such things as our job and about having enough money when we retire. But the focus on acquiring things can become an excessive desire – the word avarice describes an inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than we need. Being a spendthrift is at one end of the spectrum of avarice but being overly thrifty or tight-fisted is also avarice as we are focussed on ourselves and what’s ours. We should be rich towards God in our lives, doing things for no payment and living generously to focus on the needs of others rather than our own.


  •  The Friendship Coffee meets every Thursday morning at St Bridget's from 10-11.30am.All are welcome to go along for a coffee and homebake and a friendly chat!


  •  The annual service for the Housebound and Elderly will take place in St Bridget’s on the afternoon of Sunday 23rd September. There will be a short service of worship with a harvest theme as morning worship at Dunnottar Church will be the Harvest Festival service. Following the short service at St Bridget’s in the afternoon, there will be tea and homebakes served in the Hall.



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