Worship on 12th January 2020

On Sunday Morning Worship at Carronside was led by our gifted locum minister Dr Ibidun Daramola who warmly welcomed all to the service which commenced with the beautiful Russian hymn of adoration "O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder" which initiated in us a deeper awareness of the majesty of God known through the wonders of His creation and the redemptive love of Jesus.


In her address to the children Ibi played recordings of people calling out their names. When she asked them who was speaking in the first set of recordings the children tried to guess but admitted they really couldn't recognise the voices of the people speaking. There was, of course, a good reason why this was so - the voices were those of strangers whom they had never met. However, when Ibi played a second set of recordings the children recognised the voices as being those of their family members - Mum and Grandad. Ibi reassured us that God is our loving Heavenly Father and as such we learn to recognise His voice in our hearts as we listen to Him. We then joined together to sing the children's hymn "Our God is a great big God", celebrating the power and majesty of our Lord.


The prayers of Thanksgiving and Intercession were led by Ian Wilson and Brian Sim read the scripture lessons from the Book of Psalms and the Gospel of Matthew.


We reflected on the words of scripture as we sang Marriott and Raffles famous hymn "God whose Almighty Word chaos and darkness heard and took their flight". The theme of "Word" or "Voice" of God was explored by Ibi in her sermon which she entitled "The Voice of the Lord". Throughout the whole of the Bible we come face to face with the voice of the Lord - a voice powerful in creation as the words from the reading of Psalm 29 make clear - a voice sometimes compared to the mighty sound of thunder, a voice which spoke to humankind through the prophets of old and the same voice which was heard at the baptism of Jesus "This is my beloved Son hear Him".


The voice of the Lord is there for us if we take the time to listen. We hear His voice more clearly as we draw closer to Him in worship, worshipping God our Heavenly Father. Just as the children could recognise their parents voices -so we too may recognise God's voice as we read and meditate on scripture and as we seek to know Him through His creation and in those times we devote to silent prayer and hear the "still small voice of calm". Our worship was concluded with the congregational hymn "Christ is our Light, the bright and morning star".


Next Sunday 19th January 1030 Morning Worship at South


Thursday 16th January 1000-1130 Friendship Coffee St Bridget's Hall

                                      1400-1600 Craft Group South Conservatory

                                      1930-2130 Badminton St Bridget's Hall


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