Worship on 15th September at Carronside South


On Sunday our morning service was conducted by Mr. Donald McRae while Mrs Ros Marshall led the prayers of intercession. Donald welcomed all to church and worship commenced with the beautiful hymn "The King of Love My Shepherd Is". When addressing the children of the congregation Donald spoke of how sad we can feel when we lose something important to us. He told us how his grand-daughter had been very upset having lost a favourite toy in Spain as a child and despite the fact of her grandmother had given her another to replace it, even now over 20 years later she still felt very sad about her loss. After the children and Donald spoke of different things they had lost he assured them there was one person we never lose - the Lord Jesus who is with us at all times caring for us, always being there for us when we want to speak to Him.


The scripture readings from Paul's letter to Timothy and the Gospel of St. Luke were read by Mr Bill Wisely. With reference to these passages Donald in his sermon expanded on the theme of loss, recounting how there had been a time in his earlier profession when he,( just like Paul) had felt lost to God, but despite that God was there by his side all the time. Donald then told us how the people of the world continually experience the devastation of loss of life through wars and through natural disasters and sadly today the Church is experiencing the loss of people attending worship.  Jesus message from the parables of the Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin shows us how it was an individual person who made the search for the missing sheep and coin. This is a message to us all to reach out our hands to those who are presently not in our midst and to bring them safely back into the care of Christ's church.


Worship concluded with John Newton's popular hymn "Amazing grace! how sweet the sound" expressing the intense depth of loss outside God's family which can only be healed by the Amazing power and grace of God through Christ our Saviour.


Next Sunday 22nd September 1030 Harvest Festival Service at Dunnottar Church

                                                 1430 Harvest service at St Bridget's following by afternoon tea


Thursday 19th September 1000-1130 Friendship Coffee St Bridget's Hall

                                           1400-1600 Craft Group South Church Conservatory

Wednesday 25th September 7pm Session Meeting in Upper Room at Dunnottar

Thursday  26th September 1000-1200 MacMillan Coffee Morning St Bridget's Hall


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