Worship on 16th December 2018

On Sunday at Stonehaven South Church a very special service was conducted by the talented children of Kids' Praise under the direction of their gifted leader Mrs Carol Eddie. Carol welcomed all to worship which began with the children lighting the advent candles for Hope, Peace and Joy and Martha announcing a Call to Worship.  We were then led in song by Miss Brodie McAlpine singing 'Once In Royal David City' initially as a solo but with the congregation joining in at verse 2.


The children then presented a Nativity Play entitled 'The Star Who Couldn't Twinkle'. Samuel, one of the narrators told how the Creative Power of God had made a multitude of stars but one of these had a problem in that it was almost invisible - unable to twinkle in the night sky. Donald, playing the Star could be seen by the congregation but his costume lacked the amazing brightness which could be seen on Ailsa's sparkling outfit -  a brightness representing a Glowing Star.


As we watched the journey of Mary and Joseph (portrayed by Martha and Samuel) being led by the Little Star (Donald) we sang those words of the beautiful carol 'Little donkey, little donkey on the dusty road ….follow that star tonight Bethlehem, Bethlehem'.  On reaching Bethlehem and hearing the cry 'No room, no room' Mary and Joseph were greeted by that friendly inn-keeper (played by Ryan) who offered a stable where Mary's baby was born. The miracle of the birth of the Christ Child brought about that miracle of nature - the little star (Donald) seeing that amazing Light of God on the face of the infant, himself shone in excess brightness. It was the radiance of that Little Star which led the shepherds and the wise men to the Christ Child.  Our contemplation of Jesus in the Stable was then greatly enhanced by Martha's beautiful solo voice singing 'Away In A Manger', accompanied by Samuel, Kasey, Donald, Ailsa and Ryan in verse 2 and the congregation in the final verse.


As the Offering for the work of Christ's Church was being given the congregation could feel the uplifting Joy of this Holy session as they were blessed in hearing the words 'Jesus Christ was born this Happy Day' sung so beautifully by Brodie. Carol then led the congregation in prayers of thanksgiving and intercession which focused on that greatest gift of all - Jesus, God's Son coming into our world at Christmas. The service was concluded with the congregation singing 'Shine, Jesus, shine' - the message of the Eternal Light of God  for ever with us in Jesus. As the congregation left on their homeward journeys they were all given a reminder of our time of worship together in gifts of beautiful crafted stars the handwork of the children and their leaders in Kids Praise.


Next Sunday 23rd December 1030 Morning Worship Dunnottar Church


Monday 24th December 1800 Christingle Service Dunnottar Church

                                         2300 Christmas carols at South Church with refreshments

                                         2330 Watchnight Service


Tuesday 25th December  1000 Christmas Day Service  South Church


You will be made very welcome at all our Services. May you experience the Joy of this Holy Season.

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