Worship on 19th August

On Sunday, morning worship at South Church was led by Mrs Hazel Paterson with Gordon Edgar reading the lessons from 1Kings and the gospel of John and Elaine Craig leading the prayers of intercession. Hazel joyfully welcomed all to worship and the service commenced with the congregational hymn 'Angel voices ever singing round Thy throne of light'.


Hazel's first reflection was called 'Harold' and tells the story of Sammy who attending Church and Sunday School every week was very familiar with the Lord's prayer, the words he prayed Sunday by Sunday being,


"Our Father who art in Heaven,

Harold be Thy name"


Sammy often talked with Harold, he tried always to be good realising that Harold likes children to be good but also that Harold loved him and understood that it was difficult to be good all the time. One day Sammy's mum mentioned how new neighbours would be moving next door, called Janet and Harold. Could this really be true - God - Harold moving next door? When the neighbours moved in Sammy saw a man and lady sitting at their front door and went over to speak with them, believing they were God's servants and that God - Harold - must be inside. However, to his amazement the man introduced himself as 'Harold', but the look of bewilderment on Sammy's face motivated the couple to gently enquire what was wrong. When Sammy told them his story they reassured him that in a way not only Janet and Harold but also he, Sammy, was like God because God had made them all in his image.


Hazel's second reflection was based on Jesus message as told by St John. In conversation with the gathered congregation she asked what particular foods they enjoyed which included a multitude of dishes but noted by its absence was he commodity 'Bread'. Hazel spoke of thoughts of bread being associated with a basic food even one which had being given as punishment for unconformity to society's or family's expectations. The section regarding partaking of our Lord's flesh and blood is a very difficult concept to understand but Hazel informed us that just as it was believed that eating of the flesh and drinking of the blood of animals could result in taking on animal characteristics so also when we celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion we are being spiritually nourished in such a way so that we take on those characteristics of our blessed Saviour.


Worship was concluded with the congregation singing  the powerful prayerful hymn 'Guide me O Thou great Jehovah'


Next Sunday 26th August 1030 Morning Worship Dunnottar Church Mr Robert Bell

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