Worship on 3rd June at South

Intense feelings of pure joy were keenly felt  on Sunday by the  congregation at the Celebration Service ... a service of praise, thanksgiving and reflection led by South Church Kids Praise under the direction of their leader Mrs Carol Eddie. As Samuel, Kids Praise senior boy called the congregation to worship 'with joy and happy songs' we felt reassured of God's abundant love, of indeed being 'His people, His flock'. Worship commenced with the lively singing of the first hymn 'Blessed be the name of the Lord...'


To the sheer delight of the congregation Carol then presented a slide-show of the activities of Kids praise over the past year ... the diligence, hard work and talents of the children was overwhelming and was surpassed only by Carol's dedication and loving devotion to the children whom she has truly inspired with the love of her Saviour.


As she chatted with the children about forth-coming holidays mentioning everything she would need for her cycling trip she reminded them of the stories of Abraham, Moses and the Holy Family at Christmas when great journeys were made. These men and women set out on their sojourns often not sure where they were going,  but trusting God to be with them leading them on their way.  Although Kids Praise would have a holiday God would be with the children over the summer and we were assured of God's continual presence with us and within us as we make our journey through life.


The spirits of the congregation were then greatly uplifted as the children sang a medley of songs with Martha and Brodie delighting us with solos which raised our hearts in thankfulness for the season of summer and the beauty of God's creation - the World. As the offering was uplifted we again enjoyed Brodie's beautiful voice singing 'We are the Young'... a reminder to us all of how this year is designated as 'International Year of Young People'. Books were then presented to the children by the Reverend Rosslyn Duncan, former minister at Stonehaven South Church and we reflected on our thoughts of partings. Brodie is now leaving Kids Praise, a time coinciding with her leaving Primary School and starting at the Academy and Rev. Rosslyn, an adored grandmother is leaving this area to move nearer her wonderful grandchildren.


Worship was concluded with the singing of 'Lord the Light of Your Love Is Shining'.


Next Sunday 10th June 1030 Morning Worship Dunnottar Church led by Mrs Elaine Craig All Welcome


Thursday 7th June Fellowship Coffee St Bridget's 1000-1130


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