Worship on 5th Sunday at St Bridget's

It was lovely to have Ian Wilson leading worship at our 5th Sunday service held in St Bridget’s accompanied by the inimitable Ray MacMillan. The prayer was embellished when the young people dropped stones into the bucket providing a physical and oral dimension to the prayer which reached out as ripples in a pond from close family and friends, to more distant acquaintances and diverse situations and thence to those unknown to us where suffering exists in so many different ways.

For the young people, Ian highlighted the four seasons emphasising our current season, autumn; leaves blowing in the wind, hats liberated by autumnal gusts, ripples on the pond are several of the endearing features of the season Yet, we cannot fail to notice that the rocks and stones, as with the rocks dropped in the prayer, are not disturbed by the wind. Ian then showed that Simon, one of the disciples was renamed Peter, after Petrus ‘the Rock’ because Jesus felt that he could be relied on and would be moved in  the wind like the leaves. With Faith we emulate the rocks and stay true to Jesus.

In his second reflection, Ian referred to the reading from 1 Timothy, where we are reminded of the deceptive negative influence of wealth. He was reminded of an incident when, after the service in the local kirk had finished,  Annabelle, the organist, who delighted in welcoming every visitor, quite alarmed the congregation with her cries of ‘I’ve found a tenner’. For a brief moment the elation of the congregation soared before Annabelle altered their expectation with the qualification that the tenor was to join the choir at next week’s service! Remember that we should not leap to mercenary conclusions if we want to avoid disappointment. A far more practical approach is to ensure that we are satisfied with what we have, rather than continually seeking for more. We need to remember that all the gifts with which we are blessed, money; talents; comforts come from God and are ‘made for sharing’.

A ‘wealth’ of activities open to us in the coming weeks:

Monday: 10am Kilwhang Ringers in St Bridget’s

Tuesday: Bowling 2-4pm in St Bridget’s

Thursday: 10-11.30am Friendship coffee in St Bridget’s.

 Craft Group 2-4pm in South Church conservatory then

  Badminton at St Bridget’s from 7.30-9.30pm

Friday 5th Monthly Lunch Club 12.30 at St Bridget’s. All welcome. A tasty £5 per person for Soup and Sweet lunch


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