Worship on 6th January 2019

On Sunday at Stonehaven South Church the gathered congregation met with joy in celebration of the Season of Epiphany. Dr Ibidun Daramola welcomed all to worship and the congregational hymn "Be still for the presence of the Lord expressed the reality of the imminence of the Holy Spirit in our hearts as we brought our praise and prayers to our Heavenly Father. In her address to the young children of God (by which Ibi included ALL under 110 years old) she spoke about Epiphany. She intimated that despite all our modern technology of Satnavs and digital maps we can still get lost and need to ask directions - the Magi were no different. Although their excellent knowledge of astrology had let them from their distant lands to Jerusalem following the Star, they needed to ask directions before finding Jesus. Herod hearing of the requests for directions gave instructions to the Magi to inform him of where the infant King could be found; however, Herod's desire to destroy Jesus was communicated to the visitors by a lie - a desire to come and pay homage to the infant King. Ibi told us that despite people's evil desires God's divine plan overrules everything else. We then joined in singing the Epiphany hymn "We three Kings of Orient are..."


The scripture readings from the Book of Isaiah and the Gospel of Matthew were read by Mrs Karen Smith and prayers of intercession were led by Mr Donald McRae. In her sermon Ibi focused on Epiphany. She explained how the Jewish people had had many centuries of intimacy in their knowledge of the will of God through the Old Testament priests and prophets who continually challenged them but also brought the news of that great act of history about to dawn at the time of God's appointing - God's only Son coming amongst them as their Saviour and Redeemer King. However, Jesus came into the world not just for the Jewish race but for all mankind. Although the Gentile nations had not been blessed with the Hebrew prophets God nevertheless spoke to them but by other means. The Magi, representing the nations of the world came to their understanding of the Truth through astrology and made that pilgrimage to Jesus. We can thus now rejoice that in these days we can continue to know and love Him - continue to follow His Way through the revelation of God's Holy Spirit as He speaks to us through our reading of scripture and our prayers. Ibi encouraged us to faithfully continue our reading of God's word and thus to learn more and more of His love and His will for our lives. Worship concluded in the congregation singing "Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah" … a prayerful hymn acknowledging the importance of God's divine guidance as we move into this New Year.


Next Sunday 13th January 2019 1030 Morning Worship Dunnottar Church Dr Ibidun Daramola ALL VERY WELCOME


Thursday 10th January 2019 Friendship Coffee 1000-1130 St Bridget's 


                                               Craft Group 1400-1600 South Church Conservatory


                                               Badminton 1930-2100 St Bridget's


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