Worship on Sunday 8th April 2017

• The title of Rev Rosslyn Duncan’s first reflection last Sunday, at morning worship in Dunnottar Church, was Community of fear. She talked about the disciples who had gathered after Jesus’s crucifixion in the Upper Room where they had so recently shared the Passover meal with Jesus. Now they were gathered in grief having lost their friend and their leader. They gathered together for comfort but were also afraid that the same would happen to them as happened to Jesus. Then Jesus appeared. He knew what they were feeling and said Peace be with you to reassure them. Rev Duncan then explored what Peace means- not just an absence of noise or conflict but a sense of calm even though any problems have not gone away. The second time Jesus appeared to the disciples, Thomas was present. He was the disciple who, although a faithful disciple, was the one who expressed doubts and disbelief and asked questions. Jesus gave him what he needed to make sense of what had happened. He does the same for each if us when we are afraid. Christ gives the peace that takes away fear if we invite Him into our lives. Our questions don’t hurt God but not asking hurts us, we should be open with God and with ach other.

The title of her second reflection was Community of Faith. Rev Duncan spoke about the people in the Book of Acts who come across as the image of perfection. But the letters in the New Testament that Paul subsequently wrote to all the small churches indicate that things were not always perfect with people falling out with each other .We should not beat ourselves up if we feel that we are not achieving what we ant to achieve but always aim to do better through the power of the Holy Spirit. If we fall out with someone, we should aim to mend the situation by forgiving each other. We proclaim the gospel on a daily basis in the way we live, the way we speak and the way and we treat one another. God wants His people to work, witness and worship together in unity as one church with one faith and one Lord.

• There are services in the local Care homes on a regular basis and last Sunday afternoon, there was a short service of worship in Clashfarquhar. Later this month there are services scheduled for the residents of Hanover Court and Mowat Court. These services are open to any of the residents of the Homes and housing complex who wish to attend but who are not able to get to Church.

• On Tuesday evening, The Guild met in St Bridget’s for their last meeting of the session. Aileen Pyper from Fetteresso Guild gave a floral demonstration entitled Flowers, Friendship and Fellowship.

• The Friendship Coffee Group meets in St Bridget’s every Thursday between 10.00 and 11.30am. All are welcome to go along for a cup of coffee or tea, a fancy piece and a chat. Why not give it a try?

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