Worship with Communion on 14th October

  • Last Sunday, morning worship at Dunnottar Church was the October communion service. It was led by the Presbytery Moderator, Rev Dr Alan Murray and the sermon was given by Interim moderator, David Galbraith.

In his sermon, David asked the congregation to put their hand up in response to three questions - you have a bank account or some other means of saving your money, you have food in your kitchen cupboards and you know that you will be having lunch today (two hands up if you are going out for lunch). He went on to say that those who put their hand up three or four times are among the top 10% of the most wealthy people in the world. Surveys record 90% of people have no savings, no regular income, no food in the cupboard and don’t know where their next meal is coming from.

David then spoke about Jesus’s teaching on the rich and the Kingdom of God in Mark’s gospel. Jesus states that the one thing the rich young man lacks is treasure in heaven, obtained by sacrificing his earthly wealth and following Jesus. This presents an obstacle that the rich man cannot pass as he loves the comforts and security afforded by his possessions too much. We may not consider ourselves to be very rich, but our responses to David’s earlier questions show that, compared with so many others in the world, we are. Photographs of a famous statue depicting Jesus as a vagrant sleeping on a park bench had been placed in the pews. Jesus asks us to love our neighbours, to show compassion to them, for example by responding to charity appeals for those less well off than ourselves. We all have the same problem as the rich young man of earning our way into salvation. It can’t be done. Jesus taught that with humans it is impossible but not with God, for everything is possible with God.

There was a second communion service on Sunday afternoon at St Bridget’s, again led by Rev Dr Alan Murray and David Galbraith.


  • The Friendship Coffee group meets every Thursday morning at St Bridget's from 10-11.30am and the Craft group meets every Thursday afternoon from 2-4pm in the South Church conservatory. All are welcome at either or both of these events.


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