• Last Sunday worship at Dunnottar Church was led by Rev Rosslyn Duncan. This was the annual presentation service for the children of the Sundayschool.Rosslyn read the story of David and Goliath from the Children’s bible and spoke about the five stones which David had taken from the river to use against Goliath. He couldn’t wear a helmet or use a sword because they were too big for him The five stones symbolised his trust in God that he would be with Him. The love that God had for him, his courage in facing Goliath, his faith in God for support and his obedience in doing what God had asked him to do. Rosslyn also asked the children what she was wearing that was different and made today special. It was in fact her black graduate’s gown and BD hood showing that she had passed all her exams to be a minister. Last Sunday was special for the children and the congregation too as the children were receiving awards to thank them for coming to Sunday school and contributing to the service throughout the session. Rosslyn also presented a bouquet of flowers to Helen Sang who leads the Sunday school to say thanks for all the work she does with the children.

In her reflection with the adults, she spoke about Jesus calming the storm. Jesus had asked the disciples to go with him to the other side of the Sea of Galilee and they were in the boat on the lake when they were caught in the storm. Jesus calmed the wind and the waves. Jesus invites us to go with Him, to work for him. There may be times when we are in danger and afraid. He odes not guarantee that the path will be smooth. Just as David faced the task he had been given to deal with Goliath with trust in God’s love for Him, courage, faith and obedience, we too need to trust God in the times when we need help.

As this was her final service in Dunnottar Church, Rosslyn thanked all the members of the Kirk Session for their support over the time she had been in post. She also congratulated Dunnottar Elder Joy Adams who received the BEM in the Queens Birthday Honours. The award was for work with the Elderly, particularly at Edenholme but she is also a loyal and active member and elder of Dunnottar Church. Rosslyn presented Joy with a bouquet of flowers to congratulate her on her award.

  • Three members of the Dunnottar Linked with South Worship team have been authorised as ordained local preachers. Elaine Craig, Ros Marshall and Hazel Paterson are authorised to lead worship, preach, and offer pastoral support.  
  • On Friday of this week (29th June), a social has been arranged in St Bridget’s for members of Dunnottar and South Churches to say their goodbyes to Rosslyn and Sandy Duncan.
  • The Friendship Coffee continues every Thursday morning at St Bridget's from 10-11.30am.All are welcome to go along for a coffee and homebake and a friendly chat!

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